Friday, April 5, 2013

Goolarabooloo calls for protection of cultural sites | The Stringer

Goolarabooloo calls for protection of cultural sites | The Stringer:
Woodside is poised to resume work this year in areas of monsoon vine thickets which are part of the sacred Songcycle and contain middens, heritage sites and burial grounds. Mr Roe said this is despite the fact that the WA EPA recommended the area be protected from disturbance in 1991 and the WA Museum’s Department of Aboriginal sites recommending the area be protected because of its cultural significance in 1989.

“Woodside, Shell and BP will be responsible for destroying our environment, our heritage and burial grounds if they start drilling and digging for their exploratory works in the monsoon vine thickets,” said Phillip Roe.

Woodside spokespeople have said that they will make every endeavour to protect acknowledged cultural sites and that they are working closely with Traditional Owners.

But Mr Roe disagrees.

“This is sacrilege to us and we need the Federal Government to intervene urgently because the State has completely failed to protect our cultural and religious rights.”

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