Friday, April 12, 2013


Do I dare believe? As the news started to flow late yesterday afternoon, that Woodside are pulling the pin on James Price Point,  Red Hand was unsure to believe it or not. As more media started to pick up the story, my heart was ready and willing to except that maybe, just maybe it was true. But know after hearing AM, I do believe and tears are just falling, leaving my eyes and traveling quickly down my face. I am so proud of our little community. Waylay to increase the costs, Delay to educate community.


  1. Well done Red we are so happy for you,at least your black eyes are now from crying tears of joy.Wonderfull.

    I cant tell you how happy I am to dispense of the "unintelligent report" I have had it with oil and gas,need a hippy lifestyle for a while.

    Now for those bloody fracking bastards!

    Our kids will have a future we can be proud of.

    Much love from your dedicated

  2. Maryanne Peterson on the radio this morning sounded like she was swallowing a very bitter pill indeed.Verging on denial.

    WE must watch out for their spite - the wrecking bastards.

    JPP must be protected!

  3. Well done red and everyone involed. Massive day for the kimberley and the broome community. Its champagne corks now baby...woohoo!!!

  4. Can you afford champagne? The dole pays better than I thought!

  5. Your kids have a future you can be proud of? What, with a life of unemployment just like their role models?