Saturday, April 6, 2013

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Browse | Kimberley | James Price Point | Woodside | camp:
The oil and gas giant is sticking to its June schedule for a decision on building the onshore gas processing plant near Broome, with Premier Colin Barnett saying earlier this week that any delays could set the project back many years.

Meanwhile, Goolarabooloo Traditional Owners in the area have voiced concerns after the state's Department of Regional Development and Lands requested the removal of signs and bollards near a sensitive dune system.

The owners said they had been told the signs would be removed by the RDL if they were not taken down by tomorrow. The fear is that this clears the way for Woodside to begin work.

"After all our work trying to protect this area, jumping bureaucratic hoops, RDL are trying to barge through so that Woodside can get access to desecrate our country. For what? There is no final investment decision on this project and everyone wants to float the gas," Senior Law Boss Phillip Roe said.


  1. The fiascos are coming fast and furious for Lone Voice Barnett.Hot on the heels of the JPP blunder fest and Abbott not funding his election train promises,there is now a queue of disasters forming up.

    A blazing row,not only with Woodside and the oil and gas sector over compulsory onshore processing,but now with both sides of Federal politics.


    WA to keep gas royalties: Barnett

    Colin Barnett has warned the Federal Government and the resources sector that WA will refuse to surrender royalties on its massive onshore gas reserves - no matter who wins the Federal election.

    The Premier told The Weekend West yesterday that anyone who assumed State royalties would not be payable on onshore gas if it was also subject to a Federal tax was very mistaken.

    The Opposition will keep Labor's extension of the petroleum resource rent tax to onshore oil and gas projects

    The measure will generate billions of dollars of revenue over coming decades as the coal seam gas industry expands.

    Barnett,barely able to speak his face red from fury,managed to say,"If there is another layer of taxation via the Commonwealth placing it on existing State royalties, then the State royalty will continue because the gas is ours," Mr Barnett said. "We will collect royalties regardless of what the Commonwealth does."


    In another disaster his precious Elizabeth Quay,which he personally named,has hit a maritime hazard of gigantic proportions.


    Quay ferry plans run aground

    The Barnett Government's plans for a ferry terminal to be built within the river inlet at Elizabeth Quay are in doubt, with Planning Minister John Day confirming there may not be enough room for the boats.

    The terminal, flagged for the western side of the inlet and at the doorstep of the Esplanade train station, has been a key element of the Government's plans for the $440 million quay and features on all its design documents.

    But sources have told The Weekend West that issues include the ability for ferries to manoeuvre within the inlet, which is also supposed to include recreational boating facilities, and the one entry-exit point under the pedestrian bridge.

    Mr Day confirmed the ferry terminal may remain at the Barrack Square jetty.

    "That is one of the options that is being considered," he said.

    "We do want to make sure that boats of a reasonable size can access the inlet," he said.

    Inlet excavation will start in November when Riverside Drive is diverted.

    Opposition Leader Mark Mc- Gowan said the project had been rushed.

    "They're making it up as they go along," he said. "As with traffic management and the closure of Riverside Drive and the adding of another lane to the (Graham Farmer Freeway) tunnel there's going to be some significant problems."

    In other works, Mr Day said the section of William Street between the Esplanade and Riverside Drive would be closed until October.

    Barrack Square traders last month threatened to sue the Government over losses of up to 80 per cent since work began.


    And in another blow to productivity and commuter sanity,if there is any left,the situation is set to worsen rapidly.


    Blowout in city travel times

    Perth's peak-hour congestion adds 33 minutes an hour to normal travel times, with the worst snarls on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons, a study reveals.

    The TomTom Congestion Index analysed traffic volumes in nine Australasian cities and found congestion levels in Perth were second only to Sydney.

    But the rate congestion increased last year was faster in Perth than any other city looked at. The TomTom index has been comparing congestion levels around the world since 2007.


    Heaps more to come!

  2. PetroChina takes another slice of Browse.

    Karoon Gas Australia Updates on WA‐315‐P, WA‐398‐P Exploration

    Karoon Gas Australia said it has notified ConocoPhillips of its intention not to exercise its right to pre‐empt the proposed sale by ConocoPhillips of a 20% interest in Browse Basin exploration Blocks WA‐315‐P and WA‐398‐P to Chinese National Petroleum Company (PetroChina).

    By not exercising its pre‐emptive right under the joint venture agreements, Karoon clears the way for the entry into the Joint Venture of a second highly appropriate partner for the future development of the Poseidon project. PetroChina is also a potential end user for LNG out of Poseidon. As previously announced, PetroChina has agreed to acquire a 20% interest in the Browse Basin joint ventures covering exploration Blocks WA‐315‐P and WA‐398‐P, which include the Poseidon gas condensate discovery.


    Transocean Legend Rig Option Exercise

    The Joint Venture has exercised one drilling option to extend the Transocean Legend rig contract to six firm wells for the Phase 2 drilling campaign. A single well option remains to be exercised with a decision required later in the drilling campaign.


    Proteus‐1 well update

    At 06:30 WST on the 5th of April, Proteus‐1 was drilling ahead in the 12‐1/2” hole section at a current depth of 2913mRT.

    After spudding on the 25th of March 2013, the Proteus‐1 well was drilled to a depth of 2690mRT in the 17‐1/2” hole where the 13‐3/8” casing was set and cemented. The blow out preventor and marine riser were then run and latched to the well head. The blowout preventor was then successfully tested and drilling the next hole section commenced.


    Proteus‐1 is the third well in the exploration program. Proteus‐1 is located in permit WA‐398‐P on a large tilted fault block approximately 14 kilometres south east of the Poseidon‐1 discovery well.


    Upcoming Well Program

    The exploration program, operated by ConocoPhillips, plans to utilise the Transocean Legend semisubmersible rig for the entire campaign and is expected to continue through mid‐2014.


    A minimum of six wells will be drilled during the exploration program. The principal objective of the exploration program is to better define the size and quality of the hydrocarbon accumulations within the exploration permits which contain the greater Poseidon trend.