Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Browse project could face 10-year delay

Browse project could face 10-year delay:

"I will be doing all I can to change the fundamentals of the project so it does work, and there are things that can be done."

Mr Barnett's comments come in spite of joint venture partner Shell's preference for a floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) operation.

Some analysts say the controversial proposal to build a gas plant at James Price Point, near Broome, is not economically viable due to escalating costs and challenges securing labour, prompting speculation that the partners could opt for a floating LNG option.

Some expect Woodside's final investment decision on Browse to be delayed by at least another year, meaning state government approvals for the project will lapse.

Mr Barnett confirmed that he held talks with Woodside chief executive Peter Coleman last week, reiterating his stance on the Kimberley gas project about it providing great economic and social benefits to the state.

"Peter and I had a discussion about a week ago and those discussions continue," Mr Barnett said.


  1. His botox is starting to wear off!

  2. Re the Dodson quotes on the compensation package.
    We have been saying that for how many years?
    Come on Pat out with the rest of it before it's too late.
    God Almighty!

  3. Barnetts performance on Hutchinson today has put the media into a feeding frenzy because Barnett picking a fight with these multi nationals is blood in the water to a school of sharks.All expect Barnett to be ripped up.He can carry on about jobs,taxes,etc.,but his glaring inconsistencies on FLNG and Browse are going to leave him exposed as a liar.UNLESS he finally comes clean and admits Browse must go at JPP because he has big plans for very heavy industry all around the gas hub precinct.It is where he wants to process the mineral wealth of the Kimberley.Then he makes sense.
    However this will all have to come down to money eventually and the JV owners are not in business for the benefit of anyone else but their shareholders.The Chavez style Nationalism Barnett is trying to whip up will most likely lose him some fans rather than a gain,it's all been heard before many times."Is the push to have gas processed offshore un Australian?" Not once the truth is out about long term jobs for the next 50+ years vs FIFO and 457's short term construction.And the huge saving in emissions with FLNG,the Indigenous jobs plan for that country and so on.
    And lets not forget the fact the state government will never make a profit on JPP!It is a loss to the state.
    Also Woodside may like the idea of a delay.But will the Feds?They will say lets do FLNG to get at the money ASAP.The state can whinge about it.Money speaks very loudly.
    Conoco want gas for their Wickham Point Darwin plant.Bayu-Undan is becoming depleted,Inpex has spare capacity to Darwin.The Canning Basin is many years away and by then there could be talk of a "National Grid" of pipelines.They can tie in to the NT pipeline or the NW pipeline.They could export through Darwin or NWS and supply all of Australia,and so on.(I don't support fracking the Fitzroy Valley but just saying what they may have to consider).
    JPP is all about digging up the Kimberley and this FLNG row is getting that message out there,or it should.
    So whatever happens in the end the state and federal governments are likely to give the JV partners what they want.
    The betting at the moment seems to be : FLNG 60% - Delay 30% - JPP 10%.
    Not bad odds I'd say.Fingers X'ed.
    To boot a timely report from Burke and a win or two in the courts and the odds would improve even more.
    But after all said and done always at the back of my mind the thought that Woodside and co. will say its going at JPP and its full steam ahead.Like a black wraith that wont go away.Brainwashed I guess.I hope.A nightmare not a premonition.


    A MUST READ !!!!!!!!!!!

    Woodside’s Deal in Israel May Prompt Shell to Sell, CBA Says

    James PatonApr 03, 2013 1:42 am ET

    (Updates to close shares in fifth paragraph.)

    April 3 (Bloomberg) -- Woodside Petroleum Ltd.’s agreement to acquire a stake in Israel’s largest natural gas field may prompt Royal Dutch Shell Plc to sell the rest of its holding in the Perth-based company, Commonwealth Bank of Australia said.

    “We anticipate a sell-down to dispel any perception amongst other Middle Eastern countries that Shell is investing either directly or indirectly in Israel,” considering the geopolitical tension and Shell’s significant investment in the region outside the country, Luke Smith and Lachlan Cuskelly, Sydney-based analysts at CBA, said in a March 27 report.

    BHP Billiton Ltd., Australia’s largest oil and gas producer, is a potential buyer of Woodside, the analysts said. Any sale of the shares would probably occur after Woodside, which agreed in December to buy 30 percent of the Leviathan gas field in Israel for an initial $696 million, considers an investment decision on the proposed Browse liquefied natural gas project in Australia in mid-2013, according to the report.

    Shell, which still owns a 23 percent stake valued at A$6.8 billion ($7.1 billion), said last year that the stake didn’t fit with the company’s long-term plans. Woodside, Australia’s second-largest oil and gas producer, has slumped in Sydney trading since The Hague-based Shell sold 10 percent of the company at A$42.23 a share in November 2010.

    Woodside’s shares declined 0.6 percent today to A$35.77.

    Paul Zennaro, a Melbourne-based spokesman for Shell, said the company wouldn’t comment on speculation. Fiona Hadley, a spokeswoman for BHP in Melbourne, and Laura Lunt, a spokeswoman for Woodside in Perth, declined to comment on the report.

    --Editors: Keith Gosman, Iain Wilson

  5. So its not just the workers that make Aussie plants expensive!


    Boom in LNG helps Australian energy professionals climb to top of salary ladder

    Wednesday, 03 April 2013

    Australian LNG and energy industry professionals are now commanding the highest salaries in the global industry, with US energy executives coming a poor sixth, according to a 2013 survey just published by Hays Oil & Gas and the jobsite Oil and Gas Job Search.


    Gail signs deal with Dominion for U.S. natural gas

    New Delhi: GAIL India Ltd on Monday said it has booked capacity at a proposed LNG production plant in at Lusby in Maryland, US that the state-owned gas utility plans to use to convert shale gas it will produce in US into liquid (LNG) for shipping to India.

    India's state-owned Gail (GAIL.NS) and Japan trading firm Sumitomo have signed up to use Dominion's $3.5 billion LNG plant that will liquefy U.S. gas for shipment in tankers overseas by 2017, pending government approvals, the companies said on Monday.

    Meanwhile, Dominion waiting for approval from the Department of Energy to export gas to countries which do not have free trade agreements with the United States, including Japan and India.


    LNG developers Statoil and Inpex join up to work on Mozambique exploration licence

    Tuesday, 02 April 2013

    Statoil, the Norwegian energy company and operator of Europe's only base-load LNG plant, has farmed down a 25 percent working interest in its operated exploration licence offshore Mozambique to Japanese LNG developer Inpex Corp.


    Japan to Study Ice Gas Reserves

    Japan is planning a three-year study into how much methane hydrate, or "ice gas", it has within its territorial waters in the Japan Sea over the next three years, the country's trade and industry minister said Tuesday.

    Japan will also continue to develop technologies to extract natural gas from undersea methane hydrate reserves with the aim of making commercialization of the process viable by as early as 2023, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Toshimitsu Motegi said Tuesday.

    Methane hydrate is a compound in which a large amount of methane is trapped within a crystal structure made up of water, so forming a solid that is similar to ice.

    Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) reported March 12 that it successfully extracted natural gas from methane hydrate deposits from under the seabed offshore Japan.