Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shake Your Head in Disbelief

Why isn’t the tourist and fishing industries standing shoulder to shoulder with the Broome community to protect all that we love and value? It constantly surprises me, the total lack of interest, engagement or even debate with or within both these industries. Why do they not weight into the debate about the proposed world’s largest LNG refinery being landed at James Price Point, given the fact that it is their very livelihoods are at stake? 

I would have thought that once the Fishing Club heard about Woodside’s plan to dump all their highly toxic dredge material in their favorite fishing ground, the puddle also referred to as the peanut: that they would have been up in arms. 

When the tourist industry learned that Woodside had underestimated their tonnage of toxic dredging material by the millions of cubic metres, and the turbidly effects, you would have thought that the tour operators, resort managers and especially the Broome Visitors Centre would have got together and at least discussed the fact that their major tourist draw card Cable Beach was under serve threat. But nothing, not a word.

But when I saw the latest Woodside report of Marine Impact Zone that has a map showing the spoil influence traveling north on southerly currents, I just shake my head in disbelief.  A Broome delegation with representatives from the shire, the fishing and tourist industries should take a fact finding mission to Gladstone to understand the devastating impacts dredging has had on the health of their harbour, marine life, tourism, the fishing and the community. 

But, please do not ask Woodside to sponsor it because it is a fact finding mission not a fact hiding one.



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  2. Nothing on the gas plant nothing on the fracking.

    1. look
      at the older posts, its all there

    2. Sorry Red I was agreeing with you - nothing from the tourism,fishing,farming or cattle stations on the gas plant or fracking - should have said.

      We are nearly there and I hope the last few decisions go your way.

      Honestly I feel that for Woodside to make a FID in favour of JPP would be the biggest mistake in a long line of mistakes this company has made.


      Burkes report will improve this,it has to.
      And your court cases and Barnetts bungling should seal it.

      Good luck and I agree wouldn't it be nice to get back to a bit of normality and some good old Broometime.

      Much respect from an old time Redhand blog follower.

  3. Even more insane is the fishing club accepting money from woodside and holding functions for them at their clubhouse...bloody disgrace. Please note the 2017 fatty albert tournament will be held in exmouth!! No more sheell be right cobber attitudes, because unless you act now it wont be