Monday, June 25, 2012

Broome community outraged over EPA Conflict of Interest over James Price Point

Woodside Turkey Dam at the proposed LNG Site ay James Price Point for investigation only
Broome community outraged over EPA conflict of interest

24 June 2012

A massive banner has today been unfurled inside Woodside’s work area by members of the Broome community.

Approximately 115 people entered the site where preliminary work has begun for the proposed gas hub.

Community members questioned the integrity of the Environmental Protection Authority’s report on James Price Point due out next week after learning that only one of the five members of the board were free from conflict of interest.

‘The Broome community is outraged that we’ve been mislead into believing the EPA assessment would be free from bias.  Said Nik Wevers of the Broome Community No Gas Campaign.

‘After waiting for 18 months for the EPA assessment to come out and then to learn that it is not independent is completely outrageous.’ Concluded Wevers.

‘We bought out the biggest banner we’ve got today and it’s dwarfed by the clearing work that’s already occurred. If built, the gas hub itself will by 5 squared kilometres and will take thousands of people will be required just for construction’ said Philip Roe, Goolarabooloo Traditional Owner.

‘A project of this scale will destroy a pristine area of coastline and culture and will forever change the town of Broome

‘Woodside and the joint venture partners are ignoring the wishes of the Goolarabooloo and the people of Broome, by forcing an unwanted gas hub upon us’

For high resolution aerial photographs, please contact Nigel Gaunt at Red Dirt Photography on             0418 917 078     

For comment from the Broome Community No Gas Campaign, please contact Nik Weveres on             0417 998 598     


  1. Vogel will release HIS report on Friday,and he's quite happy with it.So there!

    Anyone else noticed this?

    "OIL PRICES could slump as low as $US70 a barrel in the coming months as analysts warned of an impending "oil glut".

    Prices have already fallen from $US120 to under $US90 a barrel in less than two months as the eurozone crisis deepens and concern about the global economy mounts. The collapse will offer some much needed respite to motorists and energy bill-payers."

    Some people may remember this article about how Woodsides profit was saved by a high oil price:

    'For every dollar increase in the oil price, Woodside’s profit rises by about $8 million. It’s the company’s biggest advantage over competitors like Santos."

    If we turn that around and say Woodside LOOSE $8 million for every dollar fall - it's bad!(for them)

    So simple arithmetic will tell you Woodside are up for big losses:

    $120 - $70 = $50

    $50 x $8,000,000 = $400,000,000

    If anyone has ever wondered why LNG has been linked to the oil price,here is a simple answer:

    But an even more dangerous event is on the horizon for Woodside and that is the oil glut that will be caused by hydrolic fracturing to extract oil.
    This will do for oil what fraccing has done for gas,and will make importing countries EXPORTERS of oil.
    The world now has more oil than it could ever use and this is not far off.
    After all it only took five years for the US to go from building dozens of import LNG terminals to scrapping the lot and becoming an exporter.

  2. Another wrong call from Woodside,this from Chaneys speech at their AGM,2nd of May 2012.

    "Woodside’s oil assets are also a significant contributor to our bottom line. We continue work to maintain
    production rates from our oil assets off the Western Australian coast including Vincent and Enfield. New oil
    discoveries and an increase in discovered reserves in 2011 provide new opportunities for Woodside to
    continue to capitalise on the HIGH OIL PRICE."

    From "Slugcatcher"

    YOU might not have noticed it but a fresh power struggle has broken out in the oil world, a struggle Slugcatcher suspects could determine the future of a number of “petro-countries” and the fate of some proposed Australian LNG projects.


    Several forces are at work in the game-changing process underway but their meeting point is the price of oil, which has fallen sharply in recent weeks and might not stage a sustained recovery for some time.

    For LNG developers, and their bankers, these are troubling times, because a low oil price means a low gas price – just as the cost of building LNG projects goes through the roof, producing a nasty pincer squeeze of falling income and rising outlays.

    This is a perfect recipe to delay a project, especially at a time of critical questions about Australia’s tax and regulatory regime.

    Woodside Petroleum, for example, is hardly likely to proceed with its proposed $40 billion Browse LNG development if it cannot achieve prices that are high enough to justify embarking on a project that is politically controversial.

    It would be far easier to pause, or adopt the fall-back position of a long pipeline to Karratha to supply existing LNG processing facilities.


    While the withdrawal of Taiwan’s CPC Corp was played down by Woodside as a sort of “ho hum” event, the reality is Browse is fast becoming a project no one wants.


    Boiled down, Browse is becoming too expensive for its owners and customers and that is before the issues of environmental objections and indigenous land rights are considered.


    The only people who seem to be cheering on Browse are the WA government – which is demanding Woodside comply with state agreements it has signed – and senior management at Woodside, though that’s not absolutely certain given the way CPC was allowed to walk out the door.


    Is it possible Woodside and its Browse partners are looking for a reason to apply for an even longer extension to the retention leases held over the Browse gas fields?

    In April, the Browse partners won an extra 12 months to make a final investment decision on Browse, with a mid-2012 deadline extended to the first half of 2013.

    With customers disappearing out the door there is a perfectly valid reason to ask for more time because no government will try to enforce an agreement if the project proponents can show there are not any customers.

    Perhaps that line of thinking is too Machiavellian but we are dealing with an interesting combination of Asian face and Australian spin.


    And to finish some recent Woodside bullshit:

    MELBOURNE, May 28 (Reuters) - Woodside Petroleum expects the liquefied natural gas market to remain tight out to 2016 and expects to win higher prices for its LNG as it renegotiates contracts, Australia's largest oil and gas company said on Monday.

  4. Happy you liked my blog enough to put it on your front page,"Woodsides mad rush and poor site selection at JPP."

    Seems like an age ago some of the digits went off to Morocco to meet Garrett.

    I remember blogging like mad thinking perhaps only one lovely granny was left behind to man the keyboard.

    Michael James telling us,(the comment section), off for swearing and not using paragraphs.Truth was,I guess,none of us had typed before,and no one knew what the "Enter" button did!

    How time flies.
    And how things change!

    But we can all say we stuck to our guns and kept our story true to our hearts.

    Unlike Woodscum!

    More power to you

  5. Oh and the only reason I use Anon is because I lost so many posts using a Google account.
    And we all know what a pain that is.

  6. Let Barnett get tangled up in the Fitzroy Valley coal issue because another of the flow on effects of fraccing is coal fired generators are either shutting down,selling up or converting to gas.
    The coal glut.
    India is not another China,it is failing.
    So Barnetts swampy plans for Point Torment are just more pie in the sky rubbish.
    It is just not a viable proposition in todays climate.(No pun intended)

  7. There are some people in town who consider themselves to be well connected to Woodsides plans and the story doing the rounds is Woodside know their exploration works at JPP will take at least another two years.
    A fall back position in case some stupid decides they want to sign up as a customer?
    The whole thing is becoming a charade.

  8. He is responsible for trying to get round pegs in square holes at Woodside,(Burrup Rock Art,JPP,Sunrise),now he is one.
    Seven shares down 10% on this news.

    "Instead it has placed a round peg in a square hole. Don Voelte is a retired petroleum executive who will now be charged with running a bunch of media assets including a national television network, (mostly) women's magazines, a digital business and newspapers.

    No doubt we will soon hear his views on spicing up Dancing with the Stars, some feature ideas for Women’s Health or fashion advice for Marie Claire.'

  9. John Day the Planning Minister has changed the planning act so that Woodside will be given approvals regardless of the outcome of Richard Hunters court case.
    So predictable.
    The obsession continues.


  11. Another FLNG for Australia,but where it is going is a secret.

    "In Australia, KBR will provide a FLNG pre-FEED study for an unnamed 2 million tonne per annum project.

    The pre-FEED is expected to take four months and will provide a total installed cost estimate for the project. If the project economics prove viable, KBR said FEED could start as early as the fourth quarter of 2012."