Thursday, June 28, 2012

Minister delays EPA report on Kimberley gas hub - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Minister delays EPA report on Kimberley gas hub - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Looking north towards James Price Point
Bill Marmion says in light of the public statements made this week, questioning the appropriateness of the EPA's processes, he has decided to delay publication of the report while he seeks legal advice.

Broome Community No Gas Campaign 

Media Release
EPA decision delayed on Browse development

28 June 2012

Environment Minister Bill Marmion's decision to delay the release of the Environmental Protection Authority’s report into the proposed gas hub at James Price Point, near Broome, has today been welcomed by the Broome Community No Gas Campaign.

The community is calling on the Minister to appoint an independent board to make the final recommendation to government.

'Minister Marmion's announcement comes in the wake of revelations around conflicts of interest by board members, leaving only the Chair Paul Vogel to make the decision on the extremely controversial, $50 billion development.

‘The Minister's need to seek legal advice shows that this has been a flawed process and we are calling on the Minister to scrap the current report and appoint a new, independent board. Anything less will not allow the community to have any confidence in the EPA's recommendations' said Nik Wevers, spokesperson for the Broome Community No Gas Campaign

'The Minister's statements acknowledge the community's questions around the probity and integrity of the EPA's decision making processes, and that this is the largest and most complex decision in the EPA's history. There is no way that a decision of this magnitude should be left to one individual'

For comment from the Broome Community No Gas Campaign, please contact Nik Wevers on 0417 998 598



    The 36-year-old Louisiana native who helped bring biofuel to the mainstream is bringing his film, "The Big Fix," to the Clinton Street Theater on July 5.

    The 2011 documentary, directed by Josh Tickell and produced by his wife, Rebecca Harrell Tickell, details the aftermath of the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill on Earth Day 2010.

    According to the film's synopsis: "According to the global media, the story ended when the well was capped -- but that's when the real story began. By exposing the root causes of the oil spill and what really happened after the news cameras left the Gulf states, filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Tickell uncover a vast network of corruption."

    The film will show as a double feature to "Beyond the Spill," the documentary produced by PDX2GulfCoast after the group's trip to the gulf for 10 days in August 2010.

    After the screening, "Beyond the Spill" director and other members of the Portland team will hold an audience question-and-answer session, as well as a book signing for the group's book, "Oil and Water," with authors Steve Duin and Shannon Wheeler.

    All proceeds from the event go to Portland Audubon and Willamette Riverkeeper.

    "The Big Fix" shows at 6 and 8 p.m. July 2 through July 4; "Beyond the Spill" shows at 7 p.m. July 5. Tickets $4 to $7.

  2. Forecast:Woodside profit to fall on low oil price.

    JP Morgan is reportedly slashing its profit forecasts for several Australian oil companies on the back of the recent oil slump on world markets.

    Futures prices have fallen to below $80/bbl for West Texas Intermediate and hovered around the $90 for Brent.

    The weakness is being largely driven by continuing weakness in the Europe and OPEC nations keep production at their highest levels in years.

    In a report cited by The Australian, JP Morgan slashed profit expectations for seven oil and gas companies by 13-40% this year and an even more bearish 18-46% next year.

    Earnings expectations from Woodside were down 13% this year and 22% next year while Santos’ expectations were down 21% this year and 26% for the next year.

  3. China CSG gets going:

    SINO Gas and Energy’s $US100 million ($A99 million) deal with Chinese upstream company MIE Holdings has set the scene for a re-rating of the company as it moves its Ordos Basin coal seam gas projects to development.

    MIE] are particularly strong in working onshore in China, they’re very strong in the drilling end of the business which is where most of the capital will be spent and there is a very good cultural fit between the two companies.”

    In a research note, Patersons Securities said the agreement was a significant milestone achievement for Sino in the development and commercialisation of its Chinese projects.

  4. Wayne Bergman and his big ass gas plans,all sour grapes,on show at the National Press Club.
    Same old rubbish,same old looser.
    Bring on the Royal Commish.