Thursday, June 14, 2012

Native title backdown over $1.3bn threats | The Australian

Native title backdown over $1.3bn threats | The Australian:

It was those payments that were directly threatened when the WA Government and Woodside gave notice last week - in apparent retaliation to the traditional owners' Federal Court action - to suspend the $1.3 billion deal and issue a formal breach of contract notice.

However, the groups - represented by the Kimberley Land Council - dropped their bid to discontinue their joint claim, and will reconvene to decide on any further action.

Lawyers for the WA Government and Woodside agreed to withdraw the notice of suspension of the deal, but not the notice of default.

The two parties resolved the issue just minutes before it was to be heard by Federal Court judge John Gilmour.

It also came less than a week before a formal notice to compulsorily acquire the site by the WA Government expired on June 20.

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