Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Majority of EPA board barred from making decision on Browse LNG project

The wheel of effective board governance has three spokes BEHAVIOR, STRUCTURE, AND EXPECTATIONS. If one of these spokes breaks down, the board will concave, if all three spokes disintegrate the organization implodes itself, becoming utterly ineffectual and pathetic.

Majority of EPA board barred from making decision on Browse LNG project: 

EPA Board Members and Executive Staff on country with the Goolarabooloo Law Men November 2011. The  Goolarabooloo shared with these people many scared knowledge and sites out of generosity however,  EPA  have treated both the Goolarabooloo people and the Broome Community with total impertinence and belittlement. The EPA only came  to the Broome because a concerted efforts of letter writing and  lobbing by the Broome Commuity.  Why did'nt the Chairperson tell us about the conflict of interests when he and the other Board members sat opposite and faced  the Broome community? TOTALLY FRAUDULENT.

Dr Vogel explained why the four board members were stood down.

"Elizabeth Carr, from day one of her appointment, was excluded from deliberation and decision making as a result of her previous employment with the Department of State Development," Dr Vogel said.

"That (the department) is the proponent in this case, so that means the Minister for State Development, the Premier Colin Barnett, is the proponent. It's not Woodside, it's the state of Western Australia.

"She never participated in anything, whether it was a site visit or a discussion, so from day one she was excluded.

"Dennis Glennon and Chris Whitaker own Woodside shares in self-managed superannuation funds. And even though, as I said, Woodside is not the proponent, there may be the perception of a conflict of interest, so I determined they should be excluded from deliberations and decision making.

"Dr Rod Lukatelich is employed by BP, and BP is one of the joint venture partners should this proposal be approved and implemented."

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