Thursday, June 14, 2012

Court Battles Rages Over James Price Point

Well its been a strange day in court-land today. Only winners so far - lawyers!

As you will be aware there are (at least) three Kimberley environment-related matters before the courts at the moment:

    Application in Federal Court from Traditional Owners (TOs) and KLC to split the native title claim over James Price Point due to now separate native title claims;

    Action in WA Supreme Court against government and Woodside in relation the alleged approvals it has been given for its current works at James Price Point;

    Action in the WA Mining Warden's Court against Rey Resources application for a mining lease for its proposed "Duchess Paradise" coal mine near the Fitzroy River.

Today, both 1 and 3 were 'up'.  Tomorrow is the next hearing for 2 - although this now likely to be deferred until Monday.

In the Federal Court, the KLC buckled at the last minute under immense pressure from the WA government and Woodside (delivered via a "notice of default of agreement" and a "notice of suspension of all benefits") and agreed to withdraw the application for the splitting of the land claim.  The applicants (TOs/KLC) have agreed to go away and meet to decide whether they want to continue the application, and accept the risk of action against them by government and Woodside. Where and when the big meeting happens remains to be seen but hopefully it will be better run than the last KLC-held 'agreement' meeting!

In the Mining Wardens Court the WA EDO, representing TO Dr Anne Poelina, spent all day arguing for a 'stay' of the mining lease application pending the outcome of the current EPA assessment of the coal mine proposal. The Warden has reserved his decision. Solicitor Josie Walker from EDO thinks the Warden is disposed to grant the stay which is a good outcome.  Rey's lawyers argued that Dr Poelina is in cahoots with the Wilderness Society - implying she does not have 'clean hands' in the matter...

Then tomorrow (or Monday) the matter of stopping Woodside's works at JPP will be heard again on the issue of 'agreement on facts', prior to a full hearing in the Appeals Court at a date to be determined.

So, all matters are still 'live' and, as usual, we will have to await further hearings and deliberations to know if we win.

Meanwhile, the Broome Shire Council could not vote on the Improvement Plan proposed over James Price Point area this afternoon, at an Ordinary Council Meeting because there was not a quorum.


  1. Campbell has to go.He demonstrated he has no moral compass when the two Shire employees were found guilty of having sex with minors.One of them on a work visa from Africa.Campbell kept them on and blamed the entire thing on the kids,"it was the children that approached the workers."
    The Governor General was sacked for making comments like that.
    And as for the kids throwing rocks at taxis,did anyone ask the kids why?No.
    Because there have been,and still are,so many pedophiles driving taxis in Broome.A few have even been sentenced to long jail terms.
    So I went and asked the kids why are you throwing rocks at the taxis?
    The answer,"a couple of taxi drivers had sex with some kids but wouldn't pay them the grog and drugs they had promised them for the sex.So they are going to throw rocks at them untill they pay up."
    Will Campbell or the police do anything about this?
    Just keep blaming the poor kids.

  2. Campbell is a @#$*hole.

    He behaved in that same fashion when the two Aboriginal people who were picking up the rubbish around the town passed away.

    The Shire let the rubbish pile up on the oval and never said a word while John McCourt and his cronies published the most foul mouthed rascist rants in the media about the Aboriginals that were homeless in town.

    All Campbell had to say was the people had passed away and the Shire was making other arrangements to pick up the litter.
    Instead he let it fester on.

    However any people who found piles of rubbish on Cable Beach after parties with Shire permits were told by Shire Rangers,"you can't report this to the media,the people are connected."

    To Campbell and McCourt presumably.

  3. Troy Busswell recently knocked back an enquiry into "sex for fares" in the taxi industry.
    No wonder!
    Sounds like Broome could use a whole lot more scrutiny into taxis,pedophiles and Shire corruption.

  4. The community would be hoping others on 457 visas have to answer for their crimes and must be deported immediatly.
    We cannot hang out a shingle that says,"sex with kids is ok in Broome."
    This must be stopped.

  5. The Shire is going to move on the homeless people from the old meatworks site.......move them on to where?
    Would have been good to have the hostel.
    Fair to say if the Shire and the Yawuru would have really wanted it,it would be built by now.
    So we're back to the Shire and the Yawuru throwing peoples medicines and blankets on the rubbish tip and the Bishop complaining about it.
    What a life.
    Back in the 70's the pedophile "hub" in Broome was the old Woodside pool in Herbert St.The workers could help themselves to the black kids.
    Nothing was ever done about it,guess times haven't changed much around here.
    They've just got worse.

  6. A Nation built on abuse.From Sydney Cove to Norfolk Island to Tasmania and on.
    Gillard has found a new way to abuse people,the new Labour Tory government.
    It's easy,abuse away and all Abbotts crowd will do is cheer them on.
    Try anything decent and get shouted down.
    They all stink.
    Campbell thinks he is a little Barnett,Bloom must think she's Bishop.
    F!@# the lot of them scum of the Earth.