Monday, June 11, 2012

Kimberley under threat from mining boom - The Drum Opinion - One of the world's most untouched and iconic regions was granted National Heritage protection last August, but mining still threatens the Kimberley region. (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Australian Conservation Foundation recently presented Minister Burke with close to 25,000 postcards signed by Body Shop customers calling on him to stop the industrialisation of the Kimberley before it's too late – indicative of the extent of mainstream opposition to the prospect.

However, over the past weeks, the WA Premier Colin Barnett has sent hundreds of police to the once placid town to protect the interests of the mining company Woodside, and ensure they can carry out their work without interference from peaceful protesters. One protest camp has been dismantled and another, set up by old families of Broome, remains in a state of tenuous resistance.

Is this the way we conduct business in Australia in 2012? The WA Premier has effectively sent his own army to Broome at a cost of over $1 million to Australian tax payers in order to protect the interests of one of our largest mining companies.

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