Wednesday, June 27, 2012

National Press Club (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

National Press Club (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

As CEO of KRED Enterprises, an initiative of the Kimberley Land Council, Wayne Bergmann discusses land rights 20 years after the Mabo verdict.

Wayne tells a few porkies.

At 38.40 - So KRED is not involved with Roadline North?

Richard Hunter Traditional Law Man Leading his 23rd Lurrujarri Trail In Country

At 40.09 - So Richard Hunter has no conmnection to the area?


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  2. Anon, July 4, So what if Wayne says they no longer have anything to do with Roadline? They did, and when they did they worked at JPP. This mans kredibilty is shot.

    As the NITV reporter Jeremy Geia noted, Bergerman said last year that "KRED would not be involved in any projects in the James Price Point area".

    Roadline North is/was a partnership between KRED and Roadline. Wayne himself was a founding director.

    Roadline North trucks and machinery have been used at JPP.

    Wayne says "KRED has no involvement." Thanks, Wayne, but we know that isn't true.

    When asked his thoughts about Richard Hunters court cases, Wayne trots out the tired old line the "majority of traditional owners said yes".
    Anyway you look it, 164 out of 1200 is not a majority and voting with the threat of compulsory acquisition is not free and informed consent.

    Continuing to answer the question about Richard Hunter's court cases, Wayne goes on to say that "all things that have happened since then (the dodgy vote) are breakaways and facilitated by non-indigenous people and some indigenous people that have no connection to the area".

    This answer is an attempt at hiding the truth and at discrediting Richard Hunters case, and Phillip Roes before him, in front of a select, none the wiser audience. It is not only untruthful but also highly hypopcritical considering that Wayne worked diligently with Barnett (remember the phone call to Colin that Colin could not remember having?)and Woodside to facilitate the whole gas hub shenanigans, and he has no connection to country, or does he?