Monday, June 11, 2012


Woodside may have been forced to halt their plans for drilling work at James Price Point until a Supreme Court hearing rules on the legality of their works. The agreement means that Woodside will halt all of their work plans to drill into areas of coastline and sand dunes near James Price Point.

However, Woodside continue to drill in the National Heritage listed area of the Intertidal Zone between James Price Point and Quondong. Both the National Heritage Council and the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities have been informed about this illegal drilling program.

Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities Department sent staff from their EPBC Act Compliance and Enforcement Branch up to Broome last week but failed to meet with the Goolarabooloo people who first raised these concerns about Woodside drilling into the Broome sandstone that holds indigenous culturally significant dinosaur track-sites.

Goolarabooloo Law man, Phillip Roe wrote to them last week inviting them into Country in order to present visual and mathematical evidence of Woodside drilling into the intertidal zone. Meanwhile, not one Government department has stepped up to the plate and dealt with this very serious breach of damaging National Heritage. Woodside continues their lies, but anyone who is familiar with this coast,  the reefs systems understand clearly that the tidal zones are expansive. Currently, you can stand on the beach at Walmadan and call out to the people working the jack up rigs and clearly see them working. 

Woodside can not be trusted with any scientific data and this has been proven time and time again. Woodside certainly should not be given the responsibility to define our NATIONAL HERITAGE BOUNDARIES WITH THEIR INACCURATE MAPS AND THEIR FORTIFIED DATA, just because the Heritage Council and SEWPaC cannot get their act together.

Like the dinosaur track-sites, when the tide recedes all will be REVEALED and evidence of their drilling program will be easily tracked.  Than Woodside will be looking down the barrel of another Court Case, destruction to a National Heritage Area.


  1. re The Australian article :

    They talk as if Japan will never re open any nuclear power plants,they will.

    What they are worried about is the rise of Canada and the US as gas exporters,and their ability to build the export plants much cheaper,and source the gas much cheaper.

    The fact that gas prices will be linked to Henry Hub,and not oil is a major worry.

    Coleman,"“I don’t fundamentally see that we’ll move away from the oil linking because the people who were taking that huge upfront risk to both discover the resource and build it… they need to have some assurance that it’s going to be on some basis that they can make those huge investments,” said Peter Coleman, CEO of Woodside Petroleum, which operates most of Australia’s LNG capacity."

    But every picture tells a story.
    Check out the list of cancelled regasification plants (import).


    “Another key factor in the convergence of worldwide prices will be North American gas exports, which will introduce a market-based price structure in LNG trade, creating competition with traditional suppliers,” Eurasia Group said.

    It expects 230 million tonnes of new LNG supply to reach global markets between 2015 and 2020, forcing established suppliers of the fuel to compete with newcomers.

    This will lead to sweeping price reductions and undercut oil-indexation as the main method of pricing the fuel.


    Price is the main driver: gas is selling at wellhead prices in B.C. of $1.60 US a thousand cubic feet while in Asia, customers are paying from $14 US to $16 US (per million British thermal units) a thousand cubic feet. But Canada’s stable political and economic climate and the fact that companies can own their reserves are also driving investment this way.

    Shell’s LNG proposal is the fourth under consideration for Kitimat but it is by far the largest — more than twice the $4.5 billion investment planned by Kitimat LNG, the Apache, Encana, EOG partnership.


    ExxonMobil Considering U.S. LNG Exports
    June 8, 2012 Link

    ExxonMobil Chief Executive Officer Rex Tillerson recently confirmed that his company is studying options for exporting LNG from the United States. Read more in the Reuters article.