Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stop war or lose gas deal, says Colin Barnett | The Australian

Stop war or lose gas deal, says Colin Barnett | The Australian:

WEST Australian Premier Colin Barnett has threatened to cancel more than $1 billion in benefits to Kimberley Aborigines unless they stop battling over the James Price Point gas hub.

Mr Barnett has ordered the duelling groups to abandon a legal bid to split native title claims over the coastal stretch of the Kimberley, where Woodside proposes a contentious $40 billion development.

WA's Department of State Development confirmed yesterday it had advised the Kimberley Land Council it was in breach of agreements on the development. The Australian has been told the breach notice is effectively a notice of intent to "turn off the tap".

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  1. Well that's just great!
    Give the KLC $60 million to cause a war between the groups and divide the community,then turn around and demand the war stop immediatly or no one get's a cent.
    What a mad asshole he is.