Friday, June 29, 2012

EPA changes flagged after Browse delay - The West Australian

EPA changes flagged after Browse delay - The West Australian:

Woodside's Grid site at James Price Point today, equipment is owned and operated by Roadline,

This photo taken on Sunday of Woodside turkey dam is now lined with black plastic
Mr Barnett conceded the Browse approval process had hit a snag after Environment Minister Bill Marmion delayed the environmental watchdog’s decision pending legal advice yesterday.

The delay came after it emerged EPA chairman Paul Vogel would be the only board member to adjudicate on Woodside’s Browse LNG proposal because all the others had potential conflicts of interest

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    No humans were harmed in this making of this incident report

    Friday, 29 June 2012

    HAVE you heard the one about the convoy, the bull and the Woodside contractor?

    It goes like this: A convoy of light and heavy vehicles was heading towards Broome from the James Price Point lay down area at 4:30pm during May.

    Due to slow progress caused by poor road conditions, the convoy decided to split up.

    The light vehicles sped ahead, while the heavy vehicles continued their plodding journey.

    The heavy vehicle convoy retained two light escort vehicles until they reached bitumen road.

    The heavy convoy was then disbanded, contrary to the requirements for driving at night.

    One of the light vehicles that had been escorting the heavy vehicle convoy started to make its way to Broome on its own under darkness.

    So it was that at 6:14pm on the road to Broome, a single light vehicle with a lonely driver on a lonely road crossed paths with a bull.

    According to an APPEA incident alert on the episode, no humans were harmed at least.

    The driver managed to pull off to the side of the road and initiate a “non-medical emergency response”.

    The episode caused Woodside to pull all contractors into a meeting the next day to undertake a Driving Risk workshop.

    So the next time you’re all by your lonesome on a Pilbara road at night, remember to look out for bulls and follow night-time driving procedures.