Friday, June 29, 2012

Sky News: Second challenge to Woodside survey

Sky News: Second challenge to Woodside survey:
'Just a week before the WA Court of Appeal was due to hear Richard Hunter's challenge to Woodside's works on James Price Point, the minister for planning amended the local planning instrument to authorise Woodside to carry on works even if its planning approval is invalid,' the EDO said in a statement.

photo by Damian Kelly. Richard Hunter begun walking the 8-day Lurujarri Trail for 2012 on Saturday. The trail follows the Songline along the coastline, traveling north from Broome. This year there are with over 80 traveling guests from over seas and students from Melbourne and dozens of family members.
"Mr Hunter has hit back with another Supreme Court challenge alleging the changes to the local planning law are invalid because the minister for planning acted for the improper purpose of altering the outcome of (Mr Hunter's) existing court case which was commenced on May 28."


  1. Stories of oil and gas companies overstating tight gas finds abound.
    There are lots of stories going around the Kimberley about Buru and the fact that they are overstating their finds purely to boost their share price.
    This could be true as some of their results lately have been weak.
    There are other companies having problems with the WA geology too:

    The major problem is the presence of clay minerals and the sensitivity of the reservoir to drilling fluids. But if companies follow the recommended methods for drilling and completion they will be able to produce gas commercially,” Rezaee said.

    However these problems seem minor to the ones BHP are facing in the US,and it could be they have been the victims of a huge con:

    "This little gem was buried in a treasure trove of emails discovered under Freedom of Information requests by The New York Times. The guts of it is that BHP Billiton seems to have been hoodwinked out of a cool $4.75 billion."

    "Yet there is a more serious matter at stake. The email above is just one of thousands of documents sourced by The New York Times in an investigation into the economics of shale gas. The question the Times is trying to answer is whether Chesapeake and other shale oil plays are part of an elaborate $15 billion ''Ponzi scheme'' (its words, not ours)."

    And the same seems to be happening to our friends over in Gladstone Qld.:

    "Santos today announced that US$2.5 billion of GLNG upstream capital expenditure will be brought forward from the post-2015 period. The revised estimated capital cost is US$18.5 billion to the end of 2015. Santos’ net 30% share of the estimated increase is US$750 million.

    This brought forward capital will fund upstream field development in the Fairview and Roma areas previously planned for post-2015. This is consistent with the strategy to optimise the project’s gas supply portfolio and will result in the drilling of an estimated 300 additional wells before the end of 2015."

    Also in the US the state of natural gas prices has had Rex Tillerson,no 1 at Exxon,in tears.
    Strangely though Rex refuses to cut back production to drive up prices,and wants to make sure others with less money than him suffer more,a fiendish man.

    His answer to the problem is to export it:

    "Exxon is already pursuing options to export gas from the U.S. to international markets, where the price of the clean burning fuel is much higher. The energy giant is also shifting focus to liquid rich plays and is designing drilling programs to evaluate the long term prospects on some of its gas fields."

    The lesson from this is the one we have learnt the hard way already,these bastards couldn't lie straight in bed.(and definately don't get into bed with them.)
    You could wind up like Wayne Bergman,all sour grapes and jealously.He is only blaming poor old Martin for everything because the real Kimberley TO's prefer Martin to him and his big shot oil and gas buddies.And who can blame them for that?

  2. The Russians have Asia firmly in their sights and boy are they serious!

    "MOSCOW: Russian energy giant Gazprom plans to become a dominant presence in the liquefied natural gas market by targeting booming demand in Asia, chief executive Alexei Miller told an annual meeting on Friday."

    When all this is over and you are thinking of taking a holiday to get over it all,just be careful where you go.
    A lot of the people who make the bulk of the money from Aussie resources like to kick back in the Bahamas,but a whole lot of Karma could be about to catch up with them:

    "4.5 billion barrels of oil believed to be in The Bahamas

    FN News Desk

    With prospects of 4.5 billion barrels of oil believed to be in The Bahamas, there is still a lot of concern about affects of a spill.

    But last week, despite local concerns, shares in the Bahamas Petroleum Company took quite a few jumps in the positive.'

    They may get to resemble the Wilderness Society bikini babes at the Perth demonstration yet,yuk!

    It is time WA Labour came out and backed Richard Hunter in the same way the Greens have.
    It is not good enough for them to just snipe away from the sidelines while still backing the JPP Woodside plan.Time for Josie Farrer to come out and tell them to bugger off elsewhere,otherwise all their efforts will be seen for what they are at the moment,just politics.So come on Labour the writing is on the wall,show some backbone and back the people,get your heads out of the big end of towns ass why don't you.
    There is an opportunity for you to show you're different to those lousy LabourTory Feds,don't waste it.You will regret it if you do.

  3. Oh dear God how I hate this face,the shithead who came here and started all the trouble,Mary Tarrans girlfriend.
    Appointed by the other shithead Ferguson of course,who else.
    The Australian Renewable Energy Agency,what a fuc@#$% joke!!!

    A FORMER Woodside Petroleum and BHP Billiton executive is one of the final five appointments to the board of the federal government’s Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

    Betsy Donaghey

    Betsy Donaghey, who has an extensive background in strategic planning, general management and business analysis with senior roles at Woodside and BHP, will sit on the board of ARENA, which gets underway on July 1 as a key component of the government’s clean energy future package.


    “The board appointments ensure ARENA has a good mix of skills across renewable energy technology, commercialisation, investment and corporate governance,” federal Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson said.


    " the end of the day there will still be a precinct there(JPP gas hub)Woodside may or may not be a proponent."

    and something like this.....

    "The improvement scheme and improvement plan while it may not impact on the precinct,it could effect what goes on in the other areas around there."

    That would be for the chemical plants etc that missed out on the Burrup and are now destined for the area around the gas plant.

    And it sounds like Campbell believes we are going to have a gas plant shoved down our throats,like it or not.He talks like the KLC,"you may as well all give up because we have mase up our minds and we have all the say."

    What an asshole.

  5. Simon Crean 1230 ABC radio regional:
    "...even though there is sufficient infrastructure to support the coal and minerals boom,there is not the money for infrastructure for the LNG boom."

  6. Lawyers issue 'Statement of Incompatibility' on NT intervention extension

    The rushed recklessness on the part of government and Opposition MPs to surreptitiously push this through parliament shows an awareness that it has it wrong

    The ALA stands by all human rights groups and Indigenous people in opposing this legislation

  7. A good reason to leave this very dirty gas in the ground:

    SEA ice in the Arctic was melting at a record pace last month, according to the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre.

    The trend towards a shrinking polar ice cap has been evident, and has been growing more pronounced, for at least four decades as global temperatures have risen.

    The loss of Arctic ice presents a massive problem for attempts to contain dangerous climate change at safer levels, because the white ice reflects light and heat away from the Earth's surface. The smaller the ice cap, the less heat is reflected away, and the warmer the water, leading to further loss of ice.


    The latest BOP drama comes after Conoco started drilling Boreas-1 in WA-315-P in April but had to stop drilling a month later to service the BOPs on the Transocean Legend semisubmersible.

    Drilling was then further delayed after the BOPs failed to function satisfactorily after being run to the sea floor earlier this month.

    The BOPs underwent further maintenance and repairs and were re-run to the sea floor for final subsea function testing last week.

    Given the problems with the BOP is on a Transocean rig, the joint venture can be forgiven for being cautious.


    The Bassett Deep prospect, located north of Inpex’s Ichthys field and Shell’s Prelude field, potentially holds up to 20 trillion cubic feet of gas and is said to be the largest undrilled structure in the region.

    In the past, Inpex and Total, holding about 30% of the Ichthys stake, said they would be drilling for additional gas to potentially expand the Blaydin Point site near Darwin, where LNG would be processed, from a two-train to a four-train facility.


  10. May be a good time to remind everybody that one year ago when the riot squad were bashing up the Broome community,Ripper and Talbot were phoned from Broome and asked for a response to the action.Through their media man,Dennis,they replied,"We support the vote so we support this action."
    And that was it,they stayed out of it other to support the JPP site for a gas hub.
    So don't be fooled people,not for nothing did Josie Farrer pretend not to know anything of the gas hub,despite her being a KLC director and the WA Labour polling showing 80% being against the hub at JPP.
    They want the "No Gas vote",but they still want the stinking gas plant at JPP!

  11. That was a weird interview of Campbell by George Manning,they talked about the gas plant for most of the interview but neither of them said "gas plant" or "James Price Point."
    Campbell was obviously trying very hard to avoid those words and George played along.
    "The precinct" was all they said.
    Really weird.

  12. Hope those walking the trail this are are having a wonderful time. Listen carefully to Richard's softly spoken words that give country so much meaning. Save your anger & opposition to the gas hub until you have completed the trail to give yourselves the opportunity to really *feel* country inside you.

    Love to everyone walking, & to all those who have gone before you, & we hope that all those who are still to come.

    Ian & Julie

  13. Cuppa hello great to hear from you.
    I'm still here,got booted off this page years ago over a missunderstanding over the Blogspot clock being awry.
    I'm still sitting here wasted typing away.