Friday, June 22, 2012

EPA's integrity questioned after JPP report - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

EPA's integrity questioned after JPP report - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

The WA Wilderness Society says it is astounded by revelations only one member of the Environmental Protection Authority contributed to a report on the James Price Point gas hub.

Four out of five members on the EPA board were prevented from participating due to potential conflicts of interest.
 Conflicts of Interest MR

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  1. OMG!!!

    This disaster with the EPA on top of Woodside loosing their biggest customer for Browse...
    I couldn't believe the ABC tv news at 7 WA,all the analysts said it was an extremely serious blow to the project and the company.
    Haven't heard that before.

    I guess you could say Joe had a few goes at spearing the turtle,but nothing would stick.Phillip and Neilo speared it.Richard got another spear in,and then this Korean hit it on the head with a rock.Then in a friendly fire incident the EPA shot it.
    It is still alive but hopefully some kind person will finish it off quickly.

  2. The Australian is now reporting Woodsides Browse to cost $45 billion.

    "A FOUNDATION liquefied natural gas supply agreement for the $45 billion Woodside-led Browse project in Western Australia has lapsed, raising concerns that the already delayed mega-project will face stiffer competition for supply deals from competing gas export projects.'

    'The talk of Japan never starting its reactors always was LNG bullshit.
    Faced with electricity shortages and the prospect of rationing power supplies through the approaching summer peak, Japan has reluctantly returned to nuclear power.'

    The competion ramps up.
    "Deep-water offshore oil and gas exploration is a very expensive undertaking," noted Energy and Minerals Minister Sospeter Muhongo. "It is important to ensure this gas and oil exploration momentum continues, and the government will give a bigger push for companies to proceed."

    According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, reserves at those levels would amount to slightly more than one-tenth those of the U.S., and nearly half those of Kuwait."

  3. Wonderful to read this letter from the Wilderness Society and have things we always knew to be true written in such a forceful and compelling way.

    To be a part of this rebellion against deceit and corruption is a truly great thing.

    And to witness the true quality and commitment of a community to band together against the most foul of foes is something all of us will remember forever,a story to pass down with pride to our children,and for them to tell to theirs.

    Goes to show the Broome and peninsular mobs are the real deal and are fearless when it comes to standing up for those things they talk,sing,paint and write about this country.

    All that remains is for this devil to be sent back to hell before it does any more damage.

    God willing.