Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NW candidate in dark on gas hub - The West Australian

NW candidate in dark on gas hub - The West Australian:

Labor’s newly endorsed candidate for the Kimberley seat has admitted she isn't "well informed" about the thorny issue of the proposed gas hub at James Price Point in the run up to the 2013 State election.

Josey Farrer, a Kija Aboriginal woman, born at Moola Bulla Station, lives in Halls Creek with her children and partner of 30 years. A former Halls Creek Shire President and current Kimberley Land Council director, she was endorsed at the party’s State executive meeting last night.

This morning, she was reluctant to comment on the gas hub: “I don’t really know much about it – I’ve yet to learn a bit more about that area,” she said.

“I think I’ll just leave it at that … right now, I can’t speak on any of those issues regarding the gas … I’m not well informed, but I will learn.”

Ms Farrer believes the biggest issue facing the region is the high cost of living: “If you don’t work in the mines, you’re affected by it,” she said.


  1. She must know what's going to happen to Broome and the peninsular if it ever goes ahead,blind Freddy knows that!
    Woodsides plan to save construction costs,build bigger modules = a lot less local content and work = cheaper.
    Overseas labour.
    Woodside and Barnetts corruption.
    KLC votes for sale and bribes,more corruption.
    Surveys rigged and full of lies.
    The fear and sickness,private armies and SAS mercenaries.
    The total corruption of the Shire and Chamber of Commerce.
    Riot squads and hundreds of extra police to prevent people from having their fair say.
    She must know the global plans of big companies as they access more and more sensitive areas and the plans laid down long ago to run roughshod over Indigenous peoples and their supporters.
    She must know the attitude where "black" towns and communities are lesser.
    How many other towns except for Derby would be considered for a coal mountain and 10 road trains of coal per hour 24 hours a day 365 days a year?
    Coal dust has a terrible effect on infants health,and diesel fumes are carcinogenic.
    It's just more of the same old same old stuck up poms stealing other peoples country with the help of a few greedy money faces.
    But then she could be another Carol Martin,pick a black face that will do as she is told and screw everyone over for the money and perks.
    No one has forgotten the stinking Gallop/Carpenter government yet,or that slimey thief Ripper.
    Vote Green,at least there is a fair chance of getting what you voted for.

  2. Kimberley Land Council director and claims she doesn't know much about the gas?What a croc!
    She would be in it up to her neck,what a poor start,hopeless.That they still think they can take us all for a mob of fools is pathetic.Another mob of dunces.Do they honestly think if they do the "head in the sand" ostrich trick we can't see them?It just gets worse,God help us!

  3. WA Labour and McGowan are on the record,they support the JPP gas hub.So no surprise they choose her to follow on from Carol Martin,"there's lots of rocks at Prices Point,let them build their gas hub there."There is no Labour party in Australia.All we have is a competition between two major parties to see who can stick their heads the furthest up the big end of towns ass.Fullstop.

  4. The Libs want to dump Barnett 'cause he's gone nuts.Women won't vote for sniffer Buswell.Porter has bailed out to avoid the disaster.Several Libs are retiring.It's anybodys race to win.If McGowan keeps this up he will loose to a party riddled with maggots,a party even half decent Libs wouldn't vote for.What a tosser.