Friday, June 8, 2012

Supreme Court orders issued today that prevent Woodside from conducting drilling activities and working in sensitive beach and dune areas around James Price Point.

Media Release

Supreme Court forces Woodside to halt work plans

Richard Hunter Goolarabooloo
Woodside today have been forced to halt their plans for drilling work at James Price Point until a Supreme Court hearing rules on the legality of their works.

The agreement, reached before a Supreme Court hearing today, means that Woodside will halt all of their work plans to drill into areas of coastline and sand dunes near James Price Point.

'The Broome community has always said that Woodside’s works are illegal because Woodside lacked the correct approvals for their work' said Nik Wevers of the Broome Community No Gas Campaign

'Campaign members raised significant issues with the Shire of Broome and the Kimberley Development Assessment Panel approvals earlier this year when the approval process was not followed correctly, this shows that our protest is justified

‘Government at all levels is determined to push through this development regardless of the wishes of the community

‘Goolarabooloo elder Richard Hunter has challenged these approvals in the Supreme Court and it is good sense that Woodside halts all work until proper process has been followed.’

For comment from the Broome Community No Gas Campaign, please contact Nik Wevers on 0417 998 598

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