Wednesday, January 30, 2013


  1. That is really really good.A must see.Well done.

  2. Hi. I'm writing from Canary Islands (Spain, West Africa). We have big problems with a Woodside oil project offshore. ¿Could you send me a email contact to change information about Woodside activities? Thanks.

      Love to talk to you about woodslime. youtude handsoffcountry for videos.

  3. Push for UN to visit gas hub

    More traditional owners in the Kimberley have called on the United Nations to intervene in Woodside’s planned Browse gas project.

    KRED Enterprises, a charitable trust set up by the Kimberley Land Council and representing three native title groups in the region, last week requested a UN visit to ensure the rights of native title holders are protected under resource development agreements.

    Today, the Goolarabooloo people said they had sent an urgent appeal to the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, telling it their rights under 15 articles of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples are being violated by the State Government and resource companies.

    The Goolarabooloo people are staunchly opposed to the Browse project, saying it disrespects their law, culture, and song cycle, which identifies heritage sites.

    The project has also angered environmentalists and concerned paleontologists, with the State Government’s bid to compulsorily acquire the land after a legal stoush between native title claimant groups proving a particularly contentious issue.


    So Bergman comes down to Broome,teams up with a few money faces to screw over the Roe family,and uses the KLC to bust up the community,tells every lie going about Walmadan,claims "there is nothing we can do to stop it",gets himself a bag of money and buggers off back to Derby

    Then one day along comes Buru and bulldozers a site on his country,and heavens above all hell breaks loose.

    If the UN could serve any justice it would be to lock up Bergman and throw away the key.

    Two faced asshole that he is.

    Good on Phillip anyway,if anyone ever deserved the help of the UN,it's him.

  4. As if we didn't know this was still the case with the Horizontal Falls,and the 80 mile beach.And everywhere else for that matter.


    The Greens' Member for Mining and Pastoral, Robin Chapple, says areas of the park are subject to dozens of permits to explore for minerals such as copper and iron ore.

    He says the Government should cancel the tenements if it is serious about protecting the region.

    "If you're going to have a national park, great, very, very supportive, Horizontal Waterfalls needs to be protected but the 'green' areas which you've established should not have mining activity in them," he said.

    "When it comes to the land-based side of the park, at least 50 per cent if not more of that park area is now covered by mining tenements, so what we're saying is if you're fair dinkum about having a national park you need to make sure no mining occurs in that area."

    The Government says the exploration licences will remain but mining and oil and gas exploration within the national park will be prohibited.

    It says any proposal to develop a mine in the region will need approval from the ministers for Mines and Environment and both houses of Parliament.


    And of course it wouldn't be a WA election if some dickhead didn't want to dam the Fitzroy - AGAIN AS USUAL.


    Greens Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Robin Chapple MLC has criticized the National Party’s newly released ‘vision for agriculture’ as it relates to the Kimberley region, calling it a thinly veiled attempt to put the damming of the Fitzroy River back on the State’s agenda.

    “I will oppose any attempt to dam the Fitzroy River for agriculture or any other purposes, and resist all moves to clear native vegetation for broad scale irrigated agriculture projects such as those proposed in the late 1990s and early 2000s for the cultivation of genetically modified cotton.

    “Brendon Grylls and the Nationals have clearly never given up on ruining one of the last remaining major wild rivers in northern Australia for their own political ends.

    “Studies that have been carried out on the feasibility of building dams on the Fitzroy River and establishing broad scale irrigated agriculture in the West Kimberley have all cautioned against the move on environmental and financial grounds.

    “This is a foolish proposal by people who are driven by their egos and have no understanding of the Kimberley. It must be stopped once and for all,” Mr Chapple said.


  5. Re the Canary Islands for anyone who missed it.

    Protests at Woodside's Canaries oil plan

    by: From correspondents in Tenerife, Canary Islands
    From: AFP
    March 25, 2012 9:29PM

    PROTESTERS smeared with black paint have demonstrated against plans by Madrid-based Repsol to drill for oil off Spain's Canary Islands in a joint venture with Australia's Woodside Petroleum.

    More than 1000 protesters massed outside the national government offices on the island of Tenerife today, angered at Madrid's approval of Repsol's application to explore for oil off the Atlantic archipelago.

    Other demonstrations were planned on the six other main islands and in Barcelona, as well as in Madrid, where about 100 young activists with black handprints on their faces protested outside the national environment ministry.

    The protesters, who included local government officials, said the hunt for oil threatened the Canary Islands' vital tourism industry and rare marine life.

    Perth-based Woodside holds 30 per cent stakes in the exploration blocks, which Repsol hopes to begin drilling within two years.

    Repsol must first submit an environmental impact report to the government.

    The regional government of the Canaries, Spain's second most popular tourism destination after Catalonia, has mounted a legal challenge against the plans.

    Woodside said in its 2011 annual report that a royal decree was needed before any work could be undertaken on the blocks, which are also a joint venture with German utility RWE AG.