Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gas saviour now a pipe dream for Premier Colin Barnett | Perth Now

Gas saviour now a pipe dream for Premier Colin Barnett | Perth Now:

Colin Barnett
Premier Colin Barnett yesterday warned the multinational consortium behind the $40 billion gas hub at James Price Point that they ''don't own'' the gas riches off WA. Source: News Limited
COLIN Barnett is desperately clinging to his dream of a $40 billion gas hub at James Price Point in the Kimberley despite a now-widespread belief it is doomed.

The Premier yesterday warned the multinational consortium behind the project led by energy giant Woodside that they ''don't own it'', referring to the gas riches in the Browse Basin off WA.

And Mr Barnett, who has met the key players recently, insisted he would not let Woodside, and the second-biggest partner in the consortium Shell, abandon the James Price Point location in favour of a floating processing plant offshore a move that would rob the state of a fortune.

But the consortium, which is reconsidering the project design and has promised a final decision within months, is pushing heavily for Mr Barnett to compromise so it can switch to a floating LNG processing plant. Insiders believe it is now the only economically viable option.


  1. Well,the thing that amazes me is how over the last 4 - 5 years the oil and gas industry analysts have gradually caught up with us - what we have all been saying all along on our "No Gas" blogs.

    And that includes cost forecasts,construction and technical difficulties,opposition - local,national and worldwide.The value of the natural and cultural environment at Walmadany.Shell's FLNG technology.Pipelines.The corruption by Woodside of local,state and federal governments.The corruption of the KLC.

    As fisherfolk like to say,"There's no substitute for local knowledge".

    All they had to do was ask and listen and they would have saved themselves a lot of terrible PR,a stack of money,and all that wasted time.

    There are lessons to be learnt from this,let's hope they can learn them.

  2. There are still a few things for them to catch up on,and some we agree on,and Barnett's lies - again!

    "COLIN Barnett is desperately clinging to his dream of a $40 billion gas hub at James Price Point in the Kimberley" - AGREE.

    " despite a now-widespread belief it is doomed" - WE HAVE CALLED IT DOOMED FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

    "a move that would rob the state of a fortune" - AT LEAST IT WOULDN'T COST US A FORTUNE LIKE JPP.

    "pushing heavily for Mr Barnett to compromise so it can switch to a floating LNG processing plant. Insiders believe it is now the only economically viable option." - AT LAST.

    "Trashing the contentious processing at James Price Point..." - BETTER THAN TRASHING JPP.

    "...would torpedo thousands of jobs in WA..." - LIE - 97% FIFO.

    "...and the $1.5 billion benefits package negotiated with native title claimants, the Goolarabooloo Jabirr Jabirr." - IT IS ONLY $50 MILLION A YEAR FOR 30 YEARS FOR ALL THE KIMBERLEY - A DROP IN THE BUCKET OUT OF THE ROYALTIES FOR REGIONS FUND.THEY CAN DO BETTER,GO SEE BOB BROWN.

    "Mr Barnett, who has also flagged with The Sunday Times the prospect of other options to save the site, said he would be mad to allow the switch.." - HE IS MAD NOT TO.IN FACT HE IS MAD ..

    "and was confident the Federal Government would also resist it," - LIAR.

    ""They don't own it," Mr Barnett said. "They have a right, which is time-limited, to develop it and to develop in a way that is agreeable to Australia."" - HE MEANS HE OWNS IT AND IT MUST BE AGREEABLE TO HIM.

    ""This is gas owned by Australians and there is no other country in the world that would simply allow a gas to be developed offshore with no benefit for the local economy other than the taxation benefit and the companies know that." - RUBBISH,FLNG IS GOING EVERYWHERE AND THERE IS A HUGE BENEFIT TO THE LOCAL ECONOMY,IF ONLY HE WOULD SEE IT.WA - WORLD LEADERS IN FLNG.

    ""If there is a floating LNG the entire project will essentially be constructed in the Philippines or Korea .There will be no jobs for Australians and there will be very few ongoing operational jobs for Australians."" - LIAR,FLNG WILL CREATE FAR MORE LOCAL JOBS THAN THE DOOMED GAS PLANT EVER WOULD.

    "Mr McGowan said if he became premier he would "do everything humanly possible" to stop the push for a floating plant." - ELECTION PIDDLE.

    1. One of the cost cutting measures Woodside would have looked at is their own idea,"modularisation". Which means constructing the modules overseas as usual but having them fill in the other odds and ends instead on doing it onsite in Australia.

      Because Barnett basically only wants the JPP site for a massive industrial invasion of the Kimberley,he would defend Woodside in doing this."The most important thing is it going onshore at JPP".

      It has nothing to do with Australian jobs.

      They say that 150,000 overseas workers are needed - so which is it.Can't have it both ways.

  3. CONT...

    "But international gas experts say it is shaping as the only way for the project to move forward because Australia was no longer "the only show in town" when it came to liquefied natural gas and there were many more attractive opportunities around the world." - THE WRITING'S BEEN ON THE WALL FOR A LONG TIME.

    ""Browse is one of 47 potential LNG projects an unprecedented number that hopes to be sanctioned and is not top of anyone's list,"" - NO WONDER.

    ""That means an entirely new approach using FLNG as potentially that could halve costs the economic case for FLNG is very strong."" - AS STRONG AS THE ENVIRONMENT AND CULTURE CASE.

    "Mr Regan said Mr Barnett's insistence on James Price Point had complicated the situation" - YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN.

    ""I recognise that costs are high, but I also look down to the Carnarvon Basin and I see Chevron building two LNG projects: Gorgon which is bigger, Wheatstone which is of a comparable size," he said." - THE CHEVRON BLOWOUTS HAVE ONLY JUST BEGUN AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT.

    ""There are higher costs here (in Australia), but I tell you what in a world of political uncertainty there is an extremely high value placed upon the political and legal security of Australia," - BARNETT HAS DONE MORE TO UNDERMINE THAT THAN ANYONE ELSE.IDIOT.

    "...they are looking at different ways of reworking the project, but they are still working on the basis of onshore gas."" - EGO MASSAGE.

    "Mr McGowan said he didn't see James Price Point getting off the ground" - MR. PIPEMAN OR MR. ANOTHER SITE MAN? WHERE'S JOSE?

    ""Ann knows my view and Shell were very clear that when we agreed to Prelude that they would only be promoting FLNG for small gas fields," he said." - ONE OF BARNETTS FAVOURITE LIES.BROWSE ISN'T ONE BIG FIELD,IT IS THREE SMALL FIELDS,NONE OF THEM ARE MUCH BIGGER THAN PRELUDE.

    "The Premier was confident the Federal Government didn't want FLNG at Browse" - HAHAHA.

    ""I met Martin (Ferguson, Federal Minister for Resources and Energy) only a few weeks ago in Canberra. I don't think I'm putting words in his mouth, in saying he still strongly favours the (Browse) gas coming onshore."" - LIAR,WE ALL KNOW WHAT HE TOLD HIS BANKER MATES OVER LUNCH,HE DIDN'T GIVE A STUFF HOW THEY PROCESSED THE BROWSE GAS.AND HE SAID WE HAD ENOUGH GAS PLANTS ALREADY.


  4. Where the action is - cheaper gas for India.

    (just ask yourself how the poor of India could afford gas at the price Woodside would require to turn a profit at JPP)

    GAIL India to invest Rs 50 bln to buy natural gas assets in US, Africa: report

    January 12, 2013

    New Delhi: India's largest state-run gas transmission and marketing firm GAIL India Ltd plans to spend Rs 50 billion for natural gas assets acquisitions in the United States and Africa, the Financial Express reported citing its Chairman and Managing Director B C Tripathi.

    The state-run gas transmission firm has been scouting for energy assets to augment its portfolio.

    "An acquisition depends upon all the due diligence processes, which are going on right now," Tripathi told the paper.

    In Sep 2011, GAIL India had acquired 20% stake in the US-based Carrizo Oil Eagle Ford shale acreage in south Texas for $95 million.

    Earlier in Oct 2012, media reports citing sources said that other Indian state-run firms Oil India Ltd and Indian Oil Corp Ltd are jointly looking to buy 30% stake in the Carrizo's Niobrara shale gas asset in Colorado.


    Gail eyes gas shipping, may buy 6-7 vessels

    Aims to bring in gas from its Sabine Pass fields in the US

    Press Trust of India / Mumbai Jan 13, 2013, 12:47 IST

    State-run Gail has said it is looking at foraying into the gas shipping segment, primarily to bring in gas from its Sabine Pass fields in the US as also for shipping in gas from Gazprom's Shtokman project in the Arctic region.

    "We are planning to make a foray into the liquefied natural gas shipping business, mainly for importing gas contracted in the US," Gail Chairman and Managing Director B C Tripathi said after announcing the commissioning of the Dabhol LNG terminal over the weekend here.

    Tripathi also said towards this, the company is planning to either take six-seven vessels on long-term charter hire or outright purchase.

    "We will finalise a decision on this in the next three to four months," Tripathi said.

    Gail in December 2011 had signed a pact to source LNG from the Sabine Pass project's fourth train in the US' Louisiana state for 20 years, beginning 2016-end or early 2017.

    The agreement involves sourcing 3.5 mt gas from these fields annually. The field is slated to begin commercial production by late 2016 or in the beginning of 2017.

    "The Sabine Pass LNG deal is on FoB (free on board) basis, and we need to ship the gas on our own," Tripathi said. Apart from this, Gail also has a long-term agreement to source 2.5 mt LNG from Gazprom's Shtokman project in the Arctic region, which will begin supplies from 2018-19.

    "A team has been visiting various shipyards around the world to check availability before ordering new LNG vessels," Tripathi said, adding each of such vessels could cost Rs 700-800 crore.

    Gail has roped in a global consultant to finalise the entry strategy in the liquefied natural gas shipping business. However, he did not name the consultant.

    When done, it will be a major diversification for the state-owned gas supplier that is primarily into gas transportation and marketing.


    1. Coleman was warned some time back by Indian reps at a gas conference that they were seeking cheaper gas not tied to the oil price.

      Coleman scoffed at them.

      One Indian rep said to the press there,"...they are still carrying on like they are the only ones with gas.I don't know how much longer they can pretend that".And laughed!

  5. Its all bull.a large construction camp is being preped 20m north of Broome.also other preps quietly under way nearby local sources report....barnett under great duress more properganda? Maybe strategy,,,he down then rises from seeming certain disaster like phoenix and saves union construction jobs,,,,hail ceasear.( the miners will love it)

    1. Must admit that scenario had crossed my mind.

      But after some careful consideration decided I'd keep my money on the favourite rather than the most rank outsider.

      Barnett is no Ceasear.

      In fact people compare him to Adolf Hitler.

      But even Goebbbels couldn't have pulled this one off.

      "Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels was the master of the “big lie” tactic in which a lie, no matter how outrageous, is repeated often enough that it will eventually be accepted as truth. Goebbels explained:

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

      But as I said it had crossed my mind.