Monday, January 14, 2013

Floating platform idea for Woodside | The Australian

Floating platform idea for Woodside | The Australian:
ONE of the design contractors studying Woodside Petroleum's controversial and expensive Browse LNG project planned for near Broome has advised the partners to look at developing the project through a floating LNG platform because of the high costs of building onshore in Australia.

Houston-based engineering contractor KBR -- the leading engineering contractor on West Australian liquefied natural gas projects -- said that in discussions since Browse front end engineering and design (FEED) studies were submitted last year, there was recognition from Woodside that building projects in Australia was very expensive.

"It's also been discussed that alternatives such as floating LNG are being considered which, if I were a sponsor, I would be considering all options on that," KBR chief executive William Utt told US investors on Friday.


  1. This news was posted a few days ago,but here it is from the Australian :

    LNG exports at risk as US stakes claim

    AUSTRALIA will be the biggest loser among liquefied natural gas exporters if US LNG production takes off in a meaningful way, with more exports displaced than any other nation because of the high costs of building new projects.

    The finding, in a Deloitte report commissioned by US LNG proponent Cheniere Energy, comes as global engineering contractor KBR -- a leader in West Australian projects -- says work on US LNG projects is starting to grow as work in Australia dwindles because of surging costs.

    If a substantial amount of US LNG is exported to Asia, it could displace the equivalent of one $20 billion project in Australia, the Deloitte report on the global impact of US LNG exports says.


    "The largest LNG source that is displaced is Australian LNG."

    KBR chief executive William Utt said price hikes in Australia meant opportunities for his company were falling.

    "I do have some concerns about how fast are they going to move forward on additional projects in Australia," Mr Utt told investors in the US on Friday.

    "Relative to a year ago, it has become much stronger for KBR in North America relative to international. We've seen significant growth on an absolute basis in North America and probably a little bit of diminution in the prospects we have internationally, largely with Africa, Australia."

    In Australia, the issue has been high costs, while in Africa the early stage of the industry is making things tough.

    "We think the market will continue to move forward and grow for LNG projects in both the US Gulf Coast and British Columbia," Mr Utt said.


    The study and the KBR comments come after US major Chevron -- the biggest spender on Australian LNG -- last month took charge of a Canadian project, known as Kitimat, just after pushing back the timetable for an expansion of the Gorgon LNG project and adding $9bn to the expected cost of the now $52bn foundation project.

    The Deloitte study, without making forecasts of US LNG volumes, measures the effects that 47 million tonnes a year of US LNG would have on global trade.

    This is less than half the amount of export capacity on the drawing board in the US but is in line with estimates by energy giant Shell and represents exports from just four projects. If those US exports go to Asia, about 19 per cent of the volumes, or 9 million tonnes, would be made up of LNG that otherwise would have come from Australia, Deloitte says.

    The 9 million tonnes a year of potentially displaced Australian LNG production would be the same amount as the $US20bn Australia Pacific LNG project at Gladstone being built by Origin Energy and Conoco Phillips is aiming to produce.


  2. I dont have a subscription but these headlines from Energy News Bulletin look interesting :

    Slugcatcher and the week when expansion of Australian LNG hit the wall of worry

    Monday, 14 January 2013

    ONE “shot across the bow” of a boat is usually enough to attract the attention of a crew veering into enemy waters. Two shots – which the Australian petroleum industry copped last week – and even Slugcatcher knows it’s time to duck for cover.
    News Wrap

    Monday, 14 January 2013

    IN today’s News Wrap: Barnett’s determination; BP aims to limit liability; Turkey the new Norway.
    Browse a mystery: KBR

    Monday, 14 January 2013

    NOT even the companies bidding for work on the Browse project truly know what’s going on.
    Energy emissions set to increase

    Monday, 14 January 2013

    AUSTRALIA’S overall carbon emissions are set to stabilise in the year ahead but oil and gas emissions are set to skyrocket.

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