Saturday, January 5, 2013

Echidna find rewrites natural history books - The West Australian

Echidna find rewrites natural history books - The West Australian:
"When I looked closer, what I could see is the descriptive writing 'Mount Anderson, West Kimberley'," he said.

"I realised, my goodness, is this actually saying that it's actually a long beaked echidna that was collected in Australia? That was phenomenally exciting if that was true."

Researcher have recently rediscovered several Australian animals, including the scaly-tailed possum, last seen in 1917.

Dr Helgen says finding the sample in the museum does raise the prospect that the long-beaked echidnas may still be roaming in remote regions of the Kimberley.

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  1. And we are wasting our land and water on this.


    The Kimberley research station has been keeping 18 varieties of sugar growing in a small plot near Kununurra.

    “Six varieties are ready for commercial production. The remaining twelve are suitable for bulk up with potential for commercial production,” an Ag Department spokesman said.

    They are said to be the best varieties for the Ord Valley, based on the experience of the local sugar industry which collapsed in 2007.

    Sugar is the crop planned for more than 13,000ha of new irrigated land to be farmed by Chinese interests.