Wednesday, January 23, 2013

If the law is an ass are we obliged to obey it? – Echonetdaily

This is a great read because it's the same story facing many communities across Australia, just in different states.

A story that is being repeated across the planet when corporations decided that when they want something, they have the unquestioned God damn right, (not human rights because corporations are not human) to take whatever, however, wherever and whenever they like, regardless of what the people want and communities want.  Regardless, of our human rights to seek to preserve the precious water and retain our clear air and maybe even a little some gas for the following generations.

If the law is an ass are we obliged to obey it? – Echonetdaily:

Activist and SCU law lecturer Aidan Ricketts says the riot police at the recent Glenugie protest used an unusual law to move protesters . Photo Eve Jeffery
‘Communities have expected that a new and high-risk industry would not be imposed on a region when 85 per cent of the residents oppose it.

‘Yet instead of slowing down, doing the science or consulting, we have the NSW government trying to impose this dangerous new industrialisation on the community by force.

‘The social movement is committed to non-violence at the deepest level, but the shock waves of trauma that go through a community when they see government using riot troops to smash legitimate community protest will have unpredictable consequences.

‘The NSW government is playing a very dangerous game in turning the riot squad against its own population, and against a non-violent social movement.’

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