Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Referral detail - EPBC Act public notices database

Referral detail - EPBC Act public notices database:
Title of Referral: Karoon Gas (Browse Basin) Pty Ltd/Exploration (mineral, oil and gas - marine)/Approx. 320km north west of the Kimberley coastline/Commonwealth Marine/Kraken, Lusca & Asperus 3D Marine Seismic Survey
Date Received: 25 Jan 2013 Reference Number: 2013/6730

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  1. DB's,nasty.

    The seismic equipment on-board will comprise of a dual source array, of volume between 2400-4000in3 operating at pressures of 2000psi. The source will be located at approximately 6m water depth and activated at between 18 to 25m intervals (approx. 11 seconds) generating a pressure pulse wave. Recent modelling undertaken by Curtain University Marine Science and Technology (CMST) identified a 4130in3 source had a source Sound Energy Level (SEL) of 229dB re 1μPa2.s (Arcadia Petroleum, 2012).


    Relying on Woodside survey's,they must be joking.

    It is anticipated that MSS activity may affect Killer and Sperm Whales, if present and transiting the area, on a temporary basis with possible localised avoidance and reduced foraging for brief periods (Sperm Whale) during the MSS period. However, given the location of the MSSs and the observed survey data (Woodside, 2011), the likelihood of encounter of odontocetes is considered very low.


    It's a problem these companies relying on previous studies that have been done by a company notorious in faking every survey,(as bad as,if not worse than FMG),makes a mockery of everything.

    What an amazing list of species out there!

    Threatened,endangered & otherwise.