Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dirty Deals Continue

On 30 June 2011, a Native Title Agreement was executed to enable the establishment of the Browse LNG Precinct near James Price Point, 60 km north of Broome in Western Australia.

However, Goolarabooloo Jabirr Jabirr Traditional Owners are still trying to work out who should be on the Native Title Claim and more importantly who should be removed. 

The question is who sign this Agreement in the first place when it is still unclear who actually had the right to sign away Country, Culture and community.

The Agreement and the deals done real cheap The promised  1.5 billion over thirty years for Indigenous people, is seventy years short because the life of the proposed project is in fact for 100 years.

ABC KImberley are reporting: 
 Goolarabooloo man Philip Roe says traditional owners will meet in a fortnight to decide if they want to go down that path. "I can't tell you what's going to happen until that day comes," he said.

The Kimberley Land Council says the $1.5 billion benefits package will remain valid, regardless of the meeting's outcome.

In a written statement, CEO Nolan Hunter says if the claim group splits, the benefits will be frozen in a bank account until the Federal Court decides who are the native title holders.

The Department of State Development also provided a statement, saying the Government remains committed to honouring the deal no matter what decision is made at the February meeting.

Meanwhile, the federal Environment Minister says he will take all the time he needs to assess the Browse project, despite the impending mid-year final investment decision.

Tony Burke has received the strategic assessment documents from the WA Department of State Development and is due to make a decision about whether to approve the proposed $40 billion LNG precinct in its current form.

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  1. "A mutant viral form of Capitalism".

    The KLC.

    The only difference between Noonkanbah and Walmadany is:

    At Noonkanbah they only offered the stick.

    At Walmadany they offered the stick and the carrot.

    But in reality,allowing for the depreciation effect on the agreement,over 100 years it is less than Twiggy Forrest is offering the Yindjibarndi.

    Less than $4 million a year FOR ALL the Kimberley.

    In 100 years time it may be possible,if they still make them - and if mankind is still alive,to buy 1 perhaps 2 Landcruisers for $4 million.

    Now the deal sounds more familliar.

    The people who signed this deal are just dunces and greedy money faces out for whatever THEY can make for THEMSELVES.

    And never mind the poor people who have no electricity,no access to clean water and reasonably priced food.

    When the money from the agreement is gone the same money faces will be back,rattling those poor people around in the begging tin again,"we need money,look at how our people are living,health,education and housing."

    And the old story repeats itself over and over again until there is nothing left.

    The money faces are now V E R Y FAT.

    The poor people sitting in the dark,drinking dirty water and starving wonder,"when will all this change?"

  2. too bloody true, and throughout this campain, we are now all aware of who the money faces are! did you know that buru are sponsoring the australia day concert and fireworks in broome????!!

  3. Year 8 math will tell you that if there is $300M in cash on the table @ 5% per annum makes $15m without loss of any of the capital. The benefits will echo on forever let the rightful TOs determine their own future and stay out of the fray if you don't have a voice

  4. Im completely behind the TOs. Joe, Phillip and Teresa