Monday, January 14, 2013

History will prove us right on gas pipeline: WA Premier | The Australian

History will prove us right on gas pipeline: WA Premier | The Australian:
WEST Australian Premier Colin Barnett has likened criticism of Woodside's proposed gas hub at James Price Point to the ridicule that dogged other massive engineering projects, such as the ambitious pipeline designed by Charles Yelverton O'Connor to carry water from Perth to the goldfields.

As plans for the $40 billion onshore gas precinct north of Broome look increasingly shaky, Mr Barnett has come under scrutiny for selecting and insisting on a specific gas hub location on the Kimberley coast in his discussions with resource giant Woodside and its joint-venture partners.


  1. Paige Taylor still pushing the lie that there was an honest vote.

    "The 530km pipeline remains the lifeline of the West Australian goldfields, but O'Connor killed himself in 1902 after persistent claims he had wasted public money."

    Now now no wishing now!

    The Premier added: "We would be foolish as a country or a state if we allowed all of our gas and all of the jobs and all of the economic opportunities for business to simply go offshore.

    "No other country would do that."

    Sounds like he knows already but is hoping by repeating these lines he will improve his election chances.

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