Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Claims WA government ignored own advice on indigenous cultural heritage - Bush Telegraph - ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Claims WA government ignored own advice on indigenous cultural heritage - Bush Telegraph - ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):
 The WA government knew of the threat to culturally significant areas at James Price Point but supports the development anyway, according to lawyers for the Goolarabooloo.

Andrew Chalk who is representing the Goolarabooloo and native title claimant, Joseph Roe, claim Woodside wrote to the WA government asking them to withdraw a letter which stated there are areas of cultural significance.

Studies by the Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee (ACMC) conducted in 1991 showed evidence of indigenous heritage sites at James Price Point.


  1. Although expected this section 18 news feels like a funeral,it is terrible.

    Any reasonable government would say,"look,it doesn't have much chance of proceeding,let's not cause any more trauma to the community and wait and see".

    But no.Barnett can not let it go.Heartless.Cold blooded.The jackboots of the old colonial masters go marching on.

    Get the riot squad in training,make ready,off to Broome again to bust more heads.

  2. Burke must intervene as Barnett rubber stamps destruction of Aboriginal heritage at James Price Point

    15 Jan 2013 | Scott Ludlam/ Christine Milne
    Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Issues / Environment, Biodiversity & Natural Heritage / Heritage

    Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke must intervene immediately to protect Aboriginal heritage at James Price Point and beyond in the wake of the Western Australian government's decision to allow the Woodside Petroleum Gas Hub to disturb Aboriginal heritage sites, the Australian Greens said today.

    Greens leader Senator Christine Milne said "I'm shocked that the West Australian government is allowing such destructive acts to happen, particularly when there are two court cases pending.

    "Tony Burke has to step in immediately to protect this priceless heritage."

    Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam said the decision defied multiple precedents.

    "On four occasions similar applications have been made in this area, most recently in 2008, and they've been knocked back every time because of the immense cultural value at risk. Now, under intense political pressure from the Premier and the Department of State Development, the Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee and the Minister for Indigenous Affairs have caved in and sold out an important part of this state's heritage.

    "With this dire decision the Barnett-Grylls Government has abdicated its moral authority. The Federal Government must intervene to protect these sites."


    Robin Chappel gave a spirited defence of the importance of JPP on Kimberley mornings today.

    This was after some snivelling worm from the state gov wiffled and waffled over the goody goody honest efforts the gov goes to to be ever so fair about these things.

    Until he was asked the last question that is,"can anyone appeal this decision?" answer : "only the applicant,Woodside.Everyone else will have to take the matter to the court."

    Chappel,however,was well across on all points.

    The snivelling asshole said the 2nd section 18 was for the construction of the gas hub.

    As Chappel pointed out,most of the people involved in this had worked previously in other departments that were involved in the Browse project.

    And anyway anything they came up with could be over ruled by the minister,as was always the case,unless it went the way of the company.

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