Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Farmers at wits' end applaud hoaxer's anti-coal stance | The Australian

Farmers at wits' end applaud hoaxer's anti-coal stance | The Australian:
FOR the rural communities living in the shadow of ever-expanding mines and gas projects, it is an uphill battle to get politicians, the media and the urban public to pay attention to their concerns.

Numerous blockades, arrests and mass protests have failed to make much of an impression on national awareness, nor have they stemmed the inexorable march of the mining juggernaut.

This is why the farmers of northern NSW, opposing several proposed mines, think this week's hoax press release by anti-coal activist Jonathan Moylan worked a treat to focus national and global attention on three mammoth coalmines that will tear apart the 8000ha Leard State Forest.

Sixth-generation farmer Phil Laird understands the need for these guerilla tactics and says the public can expect more, especially in an election year.

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