Friday, January 11, 2013

Energy White Paper that paints a black future for planet.

In some strange quick of public policy-making, the reality of global carbon emissions has basically been totally ignored by the Australian Government. Instead the latest Energy White Paper enthuses about the piles of money Australia will generate by digging up and selling our planet-warming fuels. While Australia claims to be reducing emissions at home, we're increasing our emissions at an alarming rate overseas.

When coal from the Hunter Valley is burnt in a factory in China, that carbon dioxide will still warm the world's climate.When gas drilled from western Queensland is liquefied and burnt in Japan, that methane will still lead to warming.

The Energy White Paper commits Australia to worsening the risks that scientists have been warning us about, such as the drying up of Australia's inland, the coral bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, and the likelihood of more intense cyclones and bushfires.

The White Paper talks incessantly about clean energy. The word "clean" is mentioned an amazing 334 times. But the future it paints for Australian energy is filthy and the motives are dictated  by corrupt government lead by the dirty corporate puppets. .

in some strange quick of public policy-making, this reality of global carbon emissions has been ignored. Instead the White Paper enthuses about the piles of money Australia will generate by digging up and selling our planet-warming fuels. While Australia is reducing emissions at home, we're increasing our emissions overseas.

When coal from the Hunter Valley is burnt in a factory in China, that carbon dioxide will still warm the world's climate. When gas drilled from western Queensland is liquefied and burnt in Japan, that methane will still lead to warming. The Energy White Paper commits Australia to worsening the risks that scientists have been warning us about, such as the drying up of Australia's inland, the coral bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, and the likelihood of more intense cyclones and bushfires.

The White Paper talks incessantly about clean energy. The word "clean" is mentioned an amazing 334 times. But the future it paints for Australian energy is filthy.

Current Australian carbon emissions are about 1.5% of the global emissions. But when you factor in the coal we currently export, it adds up to another another 3.3% of global emissions giving a total of 4.8% without factoring in natural gas exports which is currently ramping up or the increase in coal exports.

"When its current domestic carbon dioxide emissions and its exported CO2 emissions are combined, Australia ranks as the planet’s 6th largest emitter of CO2 – after China, the USA, the Russian Federation, India and Indonesia." Assoc Professor Peter Christoff
It's time we become more responsible as a major global source of emissions.


  1. One side of the argument wants renewable clean energy because they can see the planet being destroyed.The other side will not see any danger because they want to go on destroying the planet.Their business model has never changed,steal someone elses country,dig it up,chop it down,sell it and give the traditional owners stuff all.


    A new report from the Federal Government's Climate Commission says the heatwave and bushfires that have affected Australia this week have been exacerbated by global warming.

    The report - Off the Charts: Extreme Australian Summer Heat - warns of more extreme bushfires and hotter, longer, bigger and more frequent heatwaves, due to climate change.

    It says the number of record heat days across Australia has doubled since 1960


    After all the screaming and scaremongering:

    Tony Abbott won't gain much bounce in carbon tax stance

    THE carbon tax has failed to incite a tsunami of complaints from the public, with new data from the consumer watchdog indicating Labor's policy may have fallen off the public radar.


    The argument:

    Let's do the right thing by our kids and our planet


    ATTEMPTS to link the frequency of extreme weather events such as this week's catastrophic bushfire conditions with climate change are usually greeted with derision. But this time it's highly reputable scientists who are making the link. We should take notice.

    Pointing out this week that Australia's heatwave is unprecedented since records have been kept, the Bureau of Meteorology has concluded that the climate system is responding to a background warming trend.


    Deciding whether it's climate

    From:The Australian

    WHILE most of our sunburnt country has sweltered through another summer heatwave, Jerusalem and other parts of the Middle East have been blanketed by rare snowstorms, and one of the world's leading centres for climate science has revised downwards its medium-term global temperature forecasts.

    This significant development has received little attention in Australia, where the tendency instead has been towards unproven and knee-jerk linking of the current record hot weather to the threat of global warming.



    HUNDREDS of Aboriginal rights activists have protested in front of Canada's parliament as Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Aboriginal chiefs meet.

    The meeting has divided the Aboriginal community, with some chiefs boycotting the summit because Governor General David Johnston, a representative of Queen Elizabeth II, is not attending.

    They argue his presence is imperative because he's a representative of the British monarchy and the talks centre on treaty rights first established by the Royal Proclamation of 1793.

    Among those boycotting was Chief Theresa Spence, who launched a liquids-only hunger strike a month ago to demand the summit.

    Spence, the chief of Attawapiskat, a northern Ontario reserve, has become a central figure of Aboriginal rights protests that erupted almost two months ago against a budget bill that affects Canada's Indian Act and amends environmental laws.

    Protesters say Bill C-45 undermines century-old treaties by altering the approval process for leasing Aboriginal lands to outsiders and changing environmental oversight in favour of natural resource extraction.



    ''Fire intensity is very sensitive to fuel moisture and the difference in fuels that have 1, 2, 3 per cent moisture in terms of their flammability is quite large,''

    The bureau's national temperature data stretches over 37,000 days. Of the 20 hottest days, seven have come this year, including the record high national average maximum of 40.33 degrees, reached on Monday.

    Parts of the ''corner country'', where NSW, Queensland and South Australia meet, may have temperatures hit 49 degrees this weekend.

  2. The solution to violence in Aboriginal communities - remove their law and culture.

    Brutal traditions of Aboriginal culture have no place in society today

    Aboriginal people suffer violence more than other Australians. This was so in pre-contact times, as it is today.

    It is important to acknowledge this link between today's Aboriginal violence and a violent, pre-contact tradition because until policymakers are honest in their assessment of the causes, Aboriginal people can never be liberated from violence. The nation needs to understand that to liberate Aboriginal people from violence, deep cultural change is necessary, away from traditional norms and practices of violence. Such fundamental change is unlikely to occur in separate, self-determined communities which are premised on maintaining traditional culture.

    (White people of course are not violent and are pure and innocent - never mind invasions and stealing and genocide)


    On the subject of "Checking the Headstones"

    Loophole on jailing kids may be closed

    by: Paige Taylor and Natasha Robinson

    WEST Australian Attorney-General Michael Mischin has supported a further toughening of mandatory sentencing laws blamed for contributing to the nation's highest rates of Aboriginal incarceration.

    Mr Mischin said there were good arguments for removing loopholes from WA's three-strikes legislation for children and adults who continue to commit burglaries, home invasions and assaults.


    (having survived the brutal invasion,genocide,disease,grog,drugs,whiteman asks the question,"What is wrong with them?They are so ungrateful!Abuse and neglect them more,steal more country,take away more rights,destroy more culture,that should make them toe the line,keep the jackboot to their throat)


    Get the violence out of Aboriginal communities and step it up in the white ones.

    IN a police station in the forgotten far west of NSW, a 14-year-old boy sits shivering. The skin around his left eye is turning purple; his ears are full of dried blood. Sand sticks to the grazes on on his cheeks, his left shoulder slumps unnaturally.

    The boy is a chronic miscreant but he's just been taught a lesson he will never forget. Caught in the act of allegedly stealing money from a motel in an outback town, he was on the run from irate locals who had vowed to put an end to the teenager's perceived prolific crime wave.


    Yeah,cheer on the lynchmobs.


  3. The State election race has tightened since October but if the election were held now, the Barnett Government would still be returned with a metropolitan swing towards it, with Labor likely to lose up to six seats.

    The Weekend West understands that pre-election polling has detected a swing of 2.5 per cent in Perth battlegrounds, which would eclipse Labor's notional margins in Forrestfield, Balcatta and Morley.

    If the swing was reflected across the State, Albany would also fall to the Liberals.

    Such a trend would also make it tough for Labor to hold Pilbara, where Tom Stephens' personal vote would evaporate with his retirement, allowing WA Nationals leader Brendon Grylls to swoop.

    The scenario would peg Labor, which notionally holds 27 Lower House seats, back to the low 20s and allow the Liberals to govern outright or join forces with the Nationals again.

    The news is not all bad for Labor, with the snapshot eight weeks from the March 9 election an improvement on the 57-43 two-party preferred lead to the Government in a Newspoll in October.

    While Labor would lose the election according to a script which has seen the fall of just two single-term governments in WA in the past 80 years, the current scenario would give it a platform to mount a challenge in 2017.

    Limiting the swing to less than 3 per cent would insulate Labor from losses in semi-marginal seats including Joondalup, Collie- Preston, West Swan and Gosnells - all held with notional margins of between 3.5 and 5 per cent.

    In contrast to Labor's three seats with notional margins under one per cent (Albany, Forrestfield and Morley), the Liberals could withstand a swing of one per cent against them with the loss of just one seat, Wanneroo.

    Thirty seats are needed to form government in the 59-seat Legislative Assembly.

    Labor preferences in three-cornered regional contests could be the difference between the Nationals retaining the balance of power or the Liberals governing outright.
    Possible Nationals wins in Pilbara and Kalgoorlie could be negated by losses in Moore and Warren-Blackwood, should Labor carry out its threat to give preference to Liberals over "fake Liberals".

  4. Perth faces the very real risk of driving itself into the ground, with an extraordinary increase in the number of cars on our roads in the past year.

    New figures from the Department of Transport show an additional 143,739 cars were licensed in WA last year - blowing all growth forecasts off the radar.

    It represents a 10.5 per cent increase on 2011 and is the biggest single-year jump on record.

    At the same time, the number of licensed motorcycles jumped 14.3 per cent to 120,008.

    The increases have prompted fears of worsening congestion and a road network that will be unable to cope.

    Curtin University's sustainability professor Peter Newman said the only way to avoid "Carmageddon" was to provide good public transport and cycling options.

    He said that building more road capacity would never be able to keep up.

    "The reality of our city is that we all mostly need a car and we use them for trips that can't be done any other way," Professor Newman said.

    "And if all these cars are on the road as often as they have been, we will have a very sorry road congestion outcome.

    "We all know how quickly we already fill every main road at peak times."

    Professor Newman said the new data also reflected the amount of wealth in the State.

    But there was a glimmer of hope, with signs younger people were using their cars less and opting to use buses, trains and bikes a lot more.

    "Increasingly, we want to have the ability to use other modes of transport," he said.

    "If governments provide us with other options, we will use them to the full, just as we are using roads to the full."

    Professor Newman said providing these options would be an important part of this year's State election campaign, a view shared by the RAC.

    Early last year - using Federal Government population forecasts - the RAC estimated there would be an extra 400,000 cars on WA roads by 2020.

    "For more than two years the RAC has been sounding the alarm about the expected surge in the number of vehicles on West Australian roads being driven by strong growth in our population and economy," RAC head of advocacy Matt Brown said.

  5. USA.

    Climate change set to make America hotter, drier and more disaster-prone

    Draft report from NCA makes clear link between climate change and extreme weather as groups urge Obama to take action

    Future generations of Americans can expect to spend 25 days a year sweltering in temperatures above 100F (38C), with climate change on course to turn the country into a hotter, drier, and more disaster-prone place.

    The National Climate Assessment, released in draft form on Friday , provided the fullest picture to date of the real-time effects of climate change on US life, and the most likely consequences for the future.

    The 1,000-page report, the work of the more than 300 government scientists and outside experts, was unequivocal on the human causes of climate change, and on the links between climate change and extreme weather.

    "Climate change is already affecting the American people," the draft report said. "Certain types of weather events have become more frequent and/or intense including heat waves, heavy downpours and in some regions floods and drought. Sea level is rising, oceans are becoming more acidic, and glaciers and Arctic sea ice are melting."

    Environmental groups said they hoped the report would provide Barack Obama with the scientific evidence to push for measures that would slow or halt the rate of climate change – sparing the country some of the worst effects.

    The report states clearly that the steps taken by Obama so far to reduce emissions are "not close to sufficient" to prevent the most severe consequences of climate change.

    "As climate change and its impacts are becoming more prevalent, Americans face choices," the report said. "Beyond the next few decades, the amount of climate change will still largely be determined by the choices society makes about emissions. Lower emissions mean less future warming and less severe impacts. Higher emissions would mean more warming and more severe impacts."

    As the report made clear: no place in America had gone untouched by climate change. Nowhere would be entirely immune from the effects of future climate change.

  6. Friday, 11 January 2013

    KBR, one of the leading LNG engineering companies, has issued a profits warning, citing significant project charges and higher labour costs.


    JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — An executive with BP Alaska says the company plans to add two new rigs on the North Slope this year. But Phil Cochrane says the company won't search for or produce new sources of oil.

    Friday's comments come on the cusp of a new legislative session, during which oil taxes are expected to be a main topic.

    The North Slope's major players, including BP, have pushed for changes in the tax structure, saying it eats too deeply into profits, particularly during times of higher oil prices, and is a disincentive to new investment.


    The nation’s first fuel-producing tar sands mine, planned for the wild Book Cliffs in eastern Utah, has gotten a final go-ahead from state regulators.

    The Utah Division of Oil Gas and Mining released its decision Friday to allow Alberta-based U.S. Oil Sands to move forward with the first stage of its mine on 213 acres in the arid high country between Vernal and Moab.

    The main question for both state panels was whether the mine endangers the water — an important question in the nation’s second-driest state.

    The oil and gas board earlier gave preliminary approval to the project pending a decision by water quality regulators on whether the project needed groundwater-pollution permit. In its October decision, the water board determined there is no groundwater to pollute.

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