Friday, January 18, 2013

Shire of Broome - People : Place : Prosperity

Shire of Broome - People : Place : Prosperity:
The Shire of Broome has received an application to use and develop land to construct a Transient Workers’ Accommodation on Lot 283 Broome Road Roebuck. The 15 hectare site is located approximately 24km east of the Broome town site and 8km west of the Great Northern Highway turn off to Port Hedland.

In accordance with the Shire of Broome Town Planning Scheme No 4 Clause 4.3 the application is considered to be a Use Not Listed. As such the application is advertised in accordance with Clause 9.4.

The proposed temporary development (for a period of 5 years) includes:

Fly camp of 100 workers to establish the facility
An 857 single persons accommodation village
Kitchen and dining facility
Wet mess/tavern and associated facilities for 182 people
Medical security and emergency response building
Maintenance and miscellaneous buildings

Details of the proposal are available for inspection at the Shire of Broome Administration Office, 27 Weld Street, Broome or from the Shire website Comments on the proposal may submitted to the Chief Executive Officer in writing on or before close of business Friday 8 February 2013

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