Sunday, January 20, 2013

Broome 'army' ready for war on Kimberley gas hub | The Australian

Broome 'army' ready for war on Kimberley gas hub | The Australian:

AN army of thousands will join a blockade at James Price Point as protesters yesterday warned that the campaign to stop the $40 billion Kimberley gas hub would be the biggest since saving old-growth forests.

Dozens of highly organised protesters are preparing to face Woodside workers and police, including local resident Shane Hughes, pictured.
The Broome community says drill rigs and machinery for the final phase of exploration which the Woodside-led consortium will carry out regardless of whether it decides to proceed with a gas hub will be "blocked at all costs".

"This is war," Broome Community No Gas Campaign spokeswoman Nik Weavers said.

Tensions peaked this week when the Barnett Government granted Woodside the right to disturb Aboriginal graves and sacred sites near James Price Point, 60km north of Broome, for drilling and surveys.

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  1. Would you please print for people who would like to protest,support,help,and those that get arrested.

    The names and phone numbers of Legal Aid lawyers.

    Any registration for Invalide Pensioners / people on medication.

    Any instructions for children.

    Any transport to and fro.

    What happens to peoples cars if they are arrested and their bail says not to go back out?

    Where to donate supplies.

    Where to donate money for supplies.

    Where to donate for fines.

    I'm sure you have thought of some I've missed.

    I know you are very busy but for people with kids,including single parent families,early planning is essential.

    With the late Monsoon and the rain being more unpredictable this year,thought I'd ask sooner rather than later.

    Woodside's drilling rigs may get an early start or they may be late.Perhaps the FID will be done before they move,could be anytime.The rigs will be on tracks and wet sand is better than dry to drive on.So who knows.

    Thanks.Early prep is the key.